Official Protean Flavor Review Thread!

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  1. Official Protean Flavor Review Thread!

    Hey everyone...NutraPlanet is getting ready to offer a HUGE sale on Protean, so I wanted to show everyone here what they can expect with iForce Nutrition's Protean!

    Vanilla Cupcake Batter

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBoLuke93 View Post
    iForce Protean Sample Review of the 3 Current Flavors!

    VaughnTrue at iForce was nice enough to hook me up with a couple samples of each of the 3 current flavors (Vanilla Cupcake Batter, Chocolate Truffle, and Strawberry Creamsickle) to review, after I asked him about them. And I also got a few samples from RaginAzn's Supplement Stash Giveaway Thread, so I have few samples of each flavor and I will be reviewing each as I try them and post it up in here.

    So thanks to you guys for hooking me up and letting me try out some iForce Protean!

    Let's get it started with Vanilla Cupcake Batter!

    I mixed 2 scoops in about 10-12 oz of 1% milk (5-6 oz per scoop). I usually do 8 oz per scoop in my shakes with other powders, but was recommended to use less liquid with the Protean so that's what I did. Mixed up fine with no issues.

    Smell: 10/10
    As soon as I opened up the baggie that the powder was in, I was hit by a very pleasing and strong 'cake-batter' smell. It smelled delicious and exactly what it smells like when you are whipping up real cake batter for cupcakes. Made my mouth water and I was even more excited to taste it.

    Mixability: 10/10
    Like I said, used 10-12 oz of 1% milk and it mixed right up, no clumps or powder left, just a nice, creamy shake. Mixability is top-notch. I think Vaugh demonstrated this very well in his recent Red Velvet Cake video review... 4 SHAKES

    Profile: 8/10

    Not bad, pretty standard for today's proteins. 120 cals, 20g protein, 4g fats, 6.5g carbs per scoop. Fats and carbs are a little high, but my diet is usually pretty low in fat so I could probably benefit from this. Also 20g of protein is a tad lower than I like, but it's nothing to cry about. Bump up the protein by a few grams, drop 1-2g carbs and maybe a gram of fat and this would be golden IMO.

    Consistency: 9/10
    Mixed with 10-12 oz of 1% milk, it came out very creamy/silky which I enjoyed. Was a little thinner than I like (usually like my shakes with a bit of thickness/volume). Seems to be thinner than Trutein, but thicker than Big Blend or Elite XT. The creaminess was AWESOME though, really enjoyed that. I may use 4 oz of scoop next time to see if it thickens it up a bit.

    Taste: 9.2/10
    IForce did a FANTASTIC job at capturing a true Vanilla Cupcake Batter taste, it is VERY unique. I didn't taste a strong 'vanilla' taste at all, it was literally just like a cake batter taste; like I said, very unique and quite delicious. Trutein is still my favorite flavored protein powder, but this is a close second, and the other flavor samples I have may change my mind once I try those. I feel like if I made Ice Cream or Sludge out of this, it would taste EXACTLY like eating fresh cupcake batter, it's literally that identical. Hmm.. that may be the plan: Cupcake Batter Ice Cream for my other Vanilla samples
    Great Job on the flavoring, iForce! If this tastes this close to the real thing, I'm sure the others will be fantastic as well.

    Price: 7/10
    Little high on the price for the sites I have seen currently carrying it. People complain about Trutein prices (which is my go-to), and the online retailers that I have seen this picked up on so far carry it for roughly the same price as Trutein, but Protean is only 4lbs and about ~15 servings less per tub. I know it is has just been picked up by online e-tailers, so hopefully the price eventually comes down. Otherwise I'll be looking for sales to pick some up.

    Overall: 9/10
    I definitely enjoyed this protein a lot, and it is one of my top faves for protein powders out there. Very unique, and the flavor is spot on. Nice to see iForce diversify themselves with flavors in the HUGE array of proteins out there, really looking forward to trying my other samples, along with the release of the other new flavors in the coming weeks. This will for sure be a top contender in the protein market. My only real complaint was the price, but like I said hopefully it comes down a bit over time.

    Check back for reviews of the other flavors as I try them!

    Quote Originally Posted by zthornton View Post
    I was one of the lucky people to win RaginAzn's giveaway from his stash. I received a sample of Protean Vanilla Cupcake Batter and Chocolate Truffle and per his request this is my review of both flavors.

    Vanilla: 7.5/10 This is one of the hardest flavors to make taste good, in my opinion and I thought iforce did a nice job with this one. Not my favorite vanilla I have ever had, but it was not terrible. I was skeptical about only using 4-6oz of milk, but it was perfect. The thickness was just like a milkshake and it was something I really enjoyed.

    Chocolate:: 9.5/10 Now, this was awesome. I'm usually not a huge fan of chocolate proteins, (ON ruined that for me) but man they nailed this one. I was sad I only had one scoop. This is something I will be definitely be picking up a tub of when it finally goes online.

    Vanilla: 10/10 Mixing it with 4-6oz of water made it a full, thick, flavorful.

    Chocolate 10/10 Same as vanilla

    Each scoop contains 120 calories, 4g fat, 6.5 carb, 4g sugar, 20g protein. It taste delicious and it doesn't find itself in the meal replacement category with UP 2.0.

    Vanilla 8/10 I was not blown away by the flavor but it was still pretty good.

    Chocolate 9.5/10 This was much better to me and definitely something that will be on my wish list for my next order.

    Thanks again RaginAzn for sending me these samples and letting me try these products that I would not have had the chance to!
    Quote Originally Posted by Corey_Ellis View Post

    Vanilla Cupcake Batter Protean!

    First Impression: Smell

    Upon opening the container for the first time, the smell was the first thing that hit me. It has a very strong scent, and it smells like vanilla frosting. It's amazing. My mouth literally watered when I just smelled the powder, and I could tell this was a quality product. If it smells this good right out of the container, it has to taste good as well, right?


    The mixability of Protean was great. Exactly what I desire in my protein supplements. I used 2 scoops and about 16 oz of water in my shaker (With a bit of ice as well):

    I barely needed to shake at all before the protein was fully mixed with the water. To my surprise, the consistency wasn't terribly thin like a lot of other proteins when mixed with water. It was more of a milky consistency. There was a bit of foam on top, but it died down pretty quickly.

    If I had to compare it to another brand, I'd say the mixability is fairly close to Myofusion. Its not quite as thick as Trutein, but it still has a nice creamy consistency.


    The highlight of this product: The taste. It's unlike any other vanilla protein I've ever had. It actually tastes quite like it smells. It has a batter-taste to it, as the name indicates. I think iForce nailed the flavor. It's not just a straight boring vanilla, but there's a hint of something else to it that differentiates the flavor from other brands. It's pretty unique, and VERY tasty. It's almost like a mix of vanilla frosting and the actual cupcake batter rolled into one. It's sweet, but not too sweet.

    I assume mixing it with milk would only enhance the taste and consistency, but I typically drink my protein mixed with water. I'm often searching for new brands that mix well with water without flooding out the flavor or consistency, and this protein retains great flavor when mixed with water.

    Closing Thoughts

    Will I buy this supplement again in the future? Definitely. Will I try other flavors based on my experience with this flavor? Without question. This protein is quite honestly one of the best tasting protein supplements I've had. I truly believe that it belongs to be mentioned in the same sentence as Trutein, XF and Myofusion. It's that good.

    I was a bit skeptical about buying a tub of it without trying a sample first, but I'm really glad I took the chance. This is going to be one of my staple proteins moving forward, and I cant wait to try more flavors. Once more people get a chance to try this stuff out, its going to be as hyped as XF and Trutein. I wouldn't lie to you guys, this stuff is the real deal. I love it.

    (I am not associated with iForce in any way, and I was not asked to make this review. I bought this protein myself, and all of my opinions are completely honest)
    Quote Originally Posted by JH34PG View Post

    This is a picture of the Vanilla Cupcake Batter in my shaker.

    This also really fizzed and got all bubbly so definitely had to let it sit til the bubbles went down.

    The smell was amazing of just the powder.

    Once the bubbles settled, I got a wonderful mouthful of Vanilla Cupcake Batter.

    This flavoring was much stronger than the Chocolate Truffle

    The consistency was very smooth going down.

    I really really liked the Vanilla Cupcake Batter because the flavoring was stronger it is very very tough for me to like anything Vanilla flavored.

    I rate this product a 10/10

    At about 35 bucks for a alb container of this protein, it is very affordable and something I recommend to consumers in the market.
    Quote Originally Posted by smb43432 View Post
    I recently got picked to sample a few supplements and would like to thank RaginAzN for the samples.

    I just tried the cupcake batter. I had pretty high expectations and I'd have to say that this lived up to them.

    Taste- It tasted more like a vanilla milkshake from syntha-6 to me, which is very good, but I was expecting more cupcake flavor. Very good overall, I only got one serving and now I'm wishing I had more!

    Mix ability - 10/10 I used a shaker ball. There was no clumping and very little was left in the shaker after finishing it. Couldn't ask for more than that.

    Iforce is going to the top of my list after trying this, chocolate truffle is next up. I like that they have so many different flavors other than the same old chocolate every day.

    Overall I will give this a 9.5 out of 10. If you've ever tasted syntha, you know the flavor is awesome, same goes for this. There was a slight batter flavor but gave me more of a milkshake feel, maybe just because that's what I was expecting.

    Strawberry Creamsicle

    Quote Originally Posted by jabmaster2 View Post
    Iforce Protean Strawberry Creamsicle Review

    I would like to thank VaughnTrue for the three samples and apologize for the delay in reviewing it. A samples were taken with 4 oz milk and mixed in a blender bottle
    Here Is a link to my reviews of the other flavors Iforce Chocolate Truffle and Vanilla Cupcake Batter Protean Review by Jabmaster - Forums

    Mixability 10/10

    Just like the other flavors strawberry creamsicle mixes perfectly with no residue or clumps. Its a delicious creamy heaven

    Taste 9.5/10

    This stuff is the real deal. It as a REAL strawberry taste with a strong creamy finish honestly it taste just like these strawberry creamsavers, but better in liquid form. It has a more natural taste than the candy and just as creamy.

    On a side not I mixed one of the samples with chocolate truffle and damn that is a 10/10. The key was to add alittle more strawberry than chocolate cuz the choco tended to over power the strawberry. But man when you get the right mix its a perfect choco covered strawberry shake.

    Im eagerly awaiting the new Red velvet cake and vanilla mint swirl. I will be buying tubs when released. If yall also need any reviewers let me know

    Chocolate Truffle

    Quote Originally Posted by sdfan13 View Post

    Mixability: 9.5/10

    • Protean mixed perfectly. I remember Vaughn showing a video when Protean first came out, highlighting that Protean mixed in 4 shakes. Well, he wasn't lying. This stuff mixed flawlessly. I even mixed with just 4 shakes like VT, and it was perfectly mixed.

    • What I really liked about Protean was the consistency of the mixture. I've always been a fan of Myofusion, but the new Myo Pro is just a bit too thick for my liking. Protean mixes up 2 scoops in 12oz water to my exact preference; not watery thin, but not overly thick. Just perfect, IMO.

    • If I were to get nit-picky, there was a little bit of froth/foam after shaking. Nothing crazy, but something to note. By no means does this bother me at all, but just wanted to point it out.

    Macros: youdecide/10

    • The macros are just fine with me. 120 cals = 4f/6.5c/20p per scoop. It's a blend of 5 different proteins, also has some healthy fats coming from MCT's and sunflower oil. Good stuff.

    Taste: 9.5/10

    • Overall, delicious. It's a very different type of chocolate, though. I feel like it's a bit lighter, with a hint of mocha to it. I really, really like it. In fact, I would venture to say it's my second favorite chocolate protein. First would be XF UP 2.0 Triple Chocolate, and I don't think this will ever be beat, to be honest. You can find both Protean and UP 2.0 in my cabinet, that's for sure.

    Price: 8/10

    • It's true, other proteins can be found cheaper, but I will put a couple more bucks towards quality companies. I believe iForce to be one of them. I picked this particular tub up at my local nutrition store for $46. I think that's the same price you can find online too. With the prices of raws increasing across the board, it's getting pretty normal to see protein powders in the upper $40/low $50 range.

    Overall, with iForce's initial move into the protein market, I think they passed with flying colors. I will continue to purchase, and I look forward to trying more of the flavors (especially with the rumored Red Velvet Cake right around the corner).
    Quote Originally Posted by JH34PG View Post
    Thanks to Vaughn, I was fortunate enough to sample Chocolate Truffle and Vanilla Cupcake Batter

    Here is the Chocolate Truffle.

    Upon opening the ziplock bag, I was hit with the excellent smell of Chocolate Truffle. The texture was very smooth of the powder.

    I put the serving size sample in about 8oz of water, which was too much. Unfortunantly to really get the taste of iForce's protein, you can't use too much liquid which in turn gives you the great taste, but just a small shake. It would be better if you the taste was stronger and you could use a good 12oz of water, so you can enjoy the drink, rather than a few gulps and its gone...if all that makes sense lol.

    When I shook the shake it, it led to alotttt of bubbles and sizzling, so I had to let it sit for a good 2 minutes.

    The taste was excellent...extremely smooth and creamy.

    It had a chocolaty taste, however I really with the taste was a bit stronger.

    I'd rate this product 9.5/10 and DEF purchase!
    Quote Originally Posted by smb43432 View Post
    Thanks again goes out to RaginAzN for providing me with a sample for Iforces Protean.

    I mixed one serving with 6 oz. of cold water and mixed it with a shaker. As I look at the empty bottle there is hardly anything left over or stuck to the inside which is a good sign that it mixes very well.

    To be honest the chocolate tasted better than my normal cheap twin lab, and it tasted about on par with ON milk chocolate, and better than there double chocolate. Basically it tasted like chocolate milk when mixed with water. very creamy

    Overall I will give this a solid 8/10. You can never go wrong with chocolate, even though the differences may be very small, this has to go to the top of the list along side ON and Myofusion.

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  2. uno mas...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyruliangoat View Post


    Oooooooooooooooookay, so big thanks to Vaughn for sending me a bunch of samples of this in exchange for nudes!

    MIXABILITY- No complaints in this area, it mixed perfect in both a shaker bottle and in a blender. No random chunks left or anything and it wasn't thick at all. Whether you use milk or water, either one will produce a similar smooth texture and there shouldn't be any problems mixing. While I have not done this myself, I honestly think it would probably mix with a spin, it blends really well.


    TASTE Each one I thought of differently, just briefly I would rank the flavors 1)Vanilla, 2)Choc, 3)Strawberry. Specifics are below.

    ---VANILLA--- This was my favorite tasting out of all 3 flavors by a long shot. I am a big buyer of vanilla just because it is easy to create other flavors with it. While I do drink vanilla on its own sometimes, a lot of times I don't just because it can get old drinking the same thing all the time. That being said, this vanilla is up there with my 2 favorite vanillas, being Vasolate and Pro V60. On its own it does have a cake batter taste, nothing really like muscle milk's cake batter (which is also really good btw) it is more of a flavor of like a vanilla/white chocolate cake while the mm for instance is more like the icing. Mixed with chocolate syrup and my fatty shake of a crap ton of ice cream heavy whipping cream and other goodies makes it ridiculous . Even with all the extra flavorings, not all proteins come out tasting really good. In water imo it loses a lot of its flavor, it still tastes good but not the same as it is in milk. All in all, this flavor takes the cake .


    ---CHOCOLATE--- I am not a huge chocolate fan and it is hard to please me with this flavor. Very few I can actually say that I enjoy , idk It just feels like I am drinking chalk or something half the time. I will admit though that this had a different taste to it that I actually enjoyed. Unlike most chocolate proteins, this actually came out creamy and not just gross lol it's hard to explain. I wouldn't say it tastes like pre made chocolate milk but it does taste similar to adding some chocolate syrup to milk. This flavor also tastes a lot better in water than the vanilla does and it keeps more of it's flavor. It is a good mix of creaminess and sweetness, I would say about even, one side doesn't dominate the other. Regardless though, for me to say I actually like a chocolate protein that says a lot lol.


    ---STRAWBERRY--- As much as I hate to say this, I was disappointed in this flavor =( Not that it tasted bad it just wasn't amazing or anything. It just tastes like any other strawberry tbh, I was hoping it would have a creamier flavor just because the name lol but it didn't meet my expectations :/ Again, it still tastes good and is worth buying, it just doesn't taste amazing. BUT I would bet that combining the strawberry with the vanilla or strawberry with the chocolate would make it taste fuarking good.


    OVERALL- So will I be buying this product? Heck yes. Would I recommend this? Fuark yes. This is def. one of my top fav proteins and I have tried easily almost 80-100 diff flavors/products and assuming the price is right, it will be a staple of mine. I have always been a big fan of I-Force products, using hemavol as a staple pre and now tt-33 and dexaprine for my fat burners, and they always do not fail to impress me. They did a good job on this stuff and put out another solid product to add to the already good line.

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  3. To bad I'm not interested in any of these flavors
    Always willing to learn :D

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigRigg View Post
    To bad I'm not interested in any of these flavors

    Yea...I'd say it stinks for you!

    Although, 1 scoop chocolate truffle + 1 scoop strawberry creamsicle = HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG

    What flavors are you most interested in? We have 2 more flavors on the near horizon
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  5. You have two more reviews coming. Suffice to say, I'm blown away.

    BigRigg, you can be as disinterested as you want, but your tastebuds will be calling for more .

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    You have two more reviews coming. Suffice to say, I'm blown away.

    BigRigg, you can be as disinterested as you want, but your tastebuds will be calling for more .

    Awesome! I didn't think you'd get them so quickly.

    Excitedly awaiting review. Getting someone with your supplement knowledge/caliber of reviews is no easy task... I am beyond excited.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue

    Yea...I'd say it stinks for you!

    Although, 1 scoop chocolate truffle + 1 scoop strawberry creamsicle = HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG

    What flavors are you most interested in? We have 2 more flavors on the near horizon
    Those 2 flavors they are new and interesting, Will the sale include those upon release?
    Always willing to learn :D

  8. Quote Originally Posted by BigRigg View Post
    Those 2 flavors they are new and interesting, Will the sale include those upon release?

    those aren't available yet, but we hope to have them in NP's hands by April 15th at the latest.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue

    those aren't available yet, but we hope to have them in NP's hands by April 15th at the latest.
    TOO LONG nooo seems like I've been waiting forever lol
    Always willing to learn :D

  10. Quote Originally Posted by BigRigg View Post
    TOO LONG nooo seems like I've been waiting forever lol
    I'm happily enjoying these 3 flavors...and will continue to once those 2 are released
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  11. I bought a tub of Vanilla when they had the intro promo. My verdict is that this stuff is a dessert. It's been very difficult to consume in small quantities. Now, I wish I had bought the other flavors during the promo.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by counterspy View Post
    I bought a tub of Vanilla when they had the intro promo. My verdict is that this stuff is a dessert. It's been very difficult to consume in small quantities. Now, I wish I had bought the other flavors during the promo.

    The NP sale begins Friday and includes each flavor.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue


    The NP sale begins Friday and includes each flavor.
    I guess if the price is right I'll buy lol
    Always willing to learn :D

  14. here is another from today...

    Quote Originally Posted by huge908 View Post
    Well I've tried XF2.0, Trutein and many other proteins touted as the "Best" in flavor around these forums. Than when iForce Protean came out and reviews came back that it was some of the best tasting around...I had to try!

    Taste:10/10 Simply put this chocolate is perfect, I wouldn't call it truffle..its more like a milk chocolate when mixed with water. Never the less its amazing I thought XF/Trutein had the best chocolates around but I was wrong this is delicious. I have had 5 scoops today so far....its addicting.
    Mixibility: 10/10 With a spoon in a glass it mixes almost perfectly takes about 20 seconds and mixed...gaspari myofusion doesnt mix well for me (probiotic) but this mixes just fine. The powder is extremely fine and dusty.
    Profile: 8/10 Good profile, a little high in the cholesterol but the fat content is least its healthy fats!
    Cost: 7/10 A bit expensive but it is priced around most proteins these days so I couldn't expect them to undercut.
    Overall: 9/10 This is my favorite chocolate for the time being I am glad iForce came out with this protein! Great job guys, will be buying more, I also got vanilla that I will look forward to trying.
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by counterspy View Post
    I bought a tub of Vanilla when they had the intro promo. My verdict is that this stuff is a dessert. It's been very difficult to consume in small quantities. Now, I wish I had bought the other flavors during the promo.

    you'll have another chance to pickup some more...stock up!

  16. When is the shamrock coming out? It seems really good.

    You guys should have like a St. Patricks day special sale for the Shamrock Protean
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  17. ...
    Quote Originally Posted by RaginAzN View Post
    Big shout out to Vaughn and the crew at I-Force for hooking an asian brother up with all 5 flavor of their new Protein line, Protean, which includes Vanilla Cupcake Batter, Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry Creamsicle(all 3 out now) and their 2 anticipated flavor which is due out in April I believe, Red Velvet Cake and Vanilla Mint! So enough talk and now onto the review...

    From Left to right in their powdered form sitting on 4oz of water...Vanilla Cupcake Batter, Chocolate Truffle, and Strawberry Creamsicle.

    After shaken up in a blender bottle they get foamy and frothy which is no big deal to me, makes it look more inviting

    No clumping or anything, mixes PERFECTLY with a few shakes

    Left is the Red Velvet Cake and right is the Vanilla Mint

    Once again like the other 3 they get foamy too as well...I'm getting excited

    They also mix perfectly which is no surprise here

    I labeled all the cups so I can take a sip here and there to go back and forth to see how I feel about them

    Look at all these beautiful colors, I now notice the Red Velvet Cake and Shamrock Mint has dark flakes in them
    (Notebook and pen so I can make quick notes lol)

    Vanilla Cupcake Batter:

    Taste: 11/10 Probably the best damn vanilla I ever had and I dislike almost all vanilla but this one taste like Betty Crocker cake frosting. Definitely my favorite protein of all time and I have tried everything from Trutein to Myofusion to Big Blend and Xf.

    Overall Impression: I been hearing a lot about this flavor when it got released but it wasn't shipping from anywhere but I-Force. That was until Trae got his hands on some and told me to come pick it up and he'll give me a great deal and great deal he did. Right after trying a sample at his shop in Jackson I went ahead and grabbed this and the Chocolate Truffle and since then I been preaching how this is the best damn vanilla period and have since passed out samples about a month ago to a few people from my own personal tub.

    Chocolate Truffle:

    Taste: 8/10 Honestly I grabbed this along with the Vanilla Cupcake Batter because you just can't go wrong with chocolate but you can go wrong on so many levels with Vanilla and Strawberry flavored protein. This unique type of flavored chocolate exceeded my expectation.

    Overall Impression: I like this almost as much as I like the Vanilla Cupcake Batter as I finished both tub almost at the same time. I thought this was just going to be another plain chocolate flavored protein but man was I pleasantly surprised.

    Strawberry Creamsicle:

    Taste:9/10 This flavor for some strange reason came out thicker than the other but I always like my protein shakes to be like a milkshake so it works. Once again I-Force did something that myofusion and muscle milk couldn't do and that was to get me to like a strawberry flavored protein.

    Overall Impression: This was the one that I avoided to get at Trae's shop but now I will definitely reconsider this as part of my stash because it made me a believer of strawberry protein. I just kept on sipping on it and wondered why it took people so long to make a great tasting strawberry.

    Red Velvet Cake:

    Taste:10/10 People who had the privilege of trying this out was right when they say this is some really good stuff. Flavor taste just like on the label, red velvet cake, I'm sipping on this while writing the review and honestly have nothing to say because this is leaving me speechless.

    Overall Impression: Got get you a tub or 6 as it is that damn [email protected]!

    Vanilla Mint aka Shamrock Shake

    Taste: 9/10 You have noticed how all of these flavors got an 8 and up well I'm not embellishing at all because all of the flavor are ridiculously good. The first sip of this one I didn't know what to think of it. So I kept on sipping it a few more time and it just got better and better.

    Overall Impression: It is definitely a unique taste among all of the others. It reminded me of when I first tried Gold Feast by Controlled Labs I didn't know what to think of it but the more I used it the more I started loving it. This Vanilla Mint aroma is so lively and it is something that you'll probably never get tired of as the taste is so refreshing. I can see why this is Vaughn's favorite as it can easily become my favorite as well.


    Overall:10/10 hands down, just unbelievable how a company not only able to make their protein taste so damn good but at the same time not just only a couple of their flavor is great but the whole line is top notch making them all taste like desserts. I can't wait til the Red Velvet Cake and Shamrock Mint make it into retailers because then I'll probably load up 2 of each 5 flavor. Once again thanks goes out to Vaughn and the crew at I-Force for a job well done and hoping that your brand get carried once again on someday. *Thumbs Up*

    Now excuse me as I go and enjoy/finish up all 5 cups before I hit the gym lol =P
    Quote Originally Posted by sloop View Post
    Infinite thanks to VaughnTrue for giving me the hook up and inside scoop on soon-to-be-released flavors of their new Protean to review.

    ITT I will review
    • Red Velvet Cake
    • Vanilla Mint
    • Chocolate Truffle
    • Vanilla Cupcake Batter
    • Strawberry Creamsicle

    Red Velvet Cake

    Individual sample bags, I noticed a couple brown/reddish flakes in the powder, Im assuming this is flavoring or coloring, I dont know.

    Instructions say to add 4oz water. Screw it. I'm living on the edge. I used 4oz skim milk + 1 ice cube. Blended together for roughly 8-10 seconds.

    Blends up nice and smooth as you would imagine from a blender. Just a small bit of frothy foam, hardly worth mentioning.

    Very minimal residue left over.

    Texture: Very silky & smooth, reminds me a lot of Dymatize proteins. The general "mouth feel" (I hate that term) is very liquidy and enjoyable.

    Taste: I dont even know how to describe this properly and simultaneously do it justice. It tastes exactly as the name indicates, like red velvet cake. Somehow you can taste the chocolate, and the frosting. It doesnt taste like chocolate cake, it tastes perfectly like red velvet cake. It's friggin delicious. Easily one of the top 5 best tasting proteins I have ever had.

    My only complaint: 4oz of fluid is gone in about 2 gulps for me. I need more of this stuff, I want to be able to mix this with 8+ ounces and spend more than 2 gulps enjoying it and have it taste the same. I suspect if I mix 1 scoop with that much fluid the taste will be substantially weaker. In other words, it's so good, that I want to savor the taste more than 4oz at a time.
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  18. Vanilla cupcake batter CUPCAKES!

  19. and another

    Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    So I got a bunch of Protean samples in the mail yesterday. I hammered hard in judo, got home, slammed a sample of Aftermath, and a half hour later perused the collection of Protean samples I received. I settled on Red Velvet Cupcake.

    Mixability - 1 scoop in 5-6oz water, a quick shake completely blended it.

    Consistency - it's creamy. XF 2.0 is thick and substantial; Protean is creamy, in the fatty sense of the word. It's really nice, especially if, like me, you can't drink whole or skim milk.

    Flavor - It's very good. Normally I can come up with great descriptors, but I'm having trouble on this one. It has mild milk chocolate and vanilla flavors, but there's something else (which I'm assuming completes the RVC flavor). Very enjoyable flavor, but coupled with the creaminess, it's a knockout.
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by Jonbero View Post
    When is the shamrock coming out? It seems really good. You guys should have like a St. Patricks day special sale for the Shamrock Protean
    shamrock = vanilla mint RVC and VM should be ready for April
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by JH34PG View Post
    you'll have another chance to pickup some more...stock up!
    Well, I'll be getting a tub of Strawberry flavor next!

  22. Strawberry is ****ing AWESOME!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Strawberry is ****ing AWESOME!
    2 reviews on strawberry from yesterday(yours included :P)

    Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Strawberry Creamsicle Review

    Sweet, fresh strawberries, dairy cream, thick's that good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Buddha_TL View Post

    That is all.
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  24. ....

    Quote Originally Posted by sloop View Post
    Vanilla Mint

    The powder is a light green color, I'm not sure the picture here truly reflects this. It looks like you'd expect a mint flavored powder to look.

    Here we are with 4oz skim milk + 1 ice cube. The powder is very fluffy and flys everywhere if you're not careful.

    After 6 or 8 seconds of blending it looks like this. Slightly foamy, but this is true of most protein powders put through a blender. It did subside during sips.

    Just like the other sample, hardly any remaining residue on the glass. No issues.

    The taste: I think the name "vanilla mint" is deceiving, even the name shamrock shake isn't quite accurate IMHO. I think it tastes more like these:

    It's definitely minty, but not over bearing, but I found it really hard to make out any vanilla flavors going on. Regardless of what you call it, it's incredibly delicious. I swear I taste hints of chocolate in this but it's hard to tell what's going on. This is one of those flavors, that, I can't see anybody not liking. It's just a nice & smooth, easy to drink shake - I just wish there were more of it (8+ ounces would be nice).

    I have to give credit where credit is due, and hand it to iForce for innovative flavors. The RVC and now this mint flavor are unlike anything on the market (that I'm aware of) and will sure to be a big hit.
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  25. anyway i can get my hands on a couple sampes before the sale?
    Always willing to learn :D


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