1. Nitraflex

    The most recent pre-workouts I've used have been Bullnox and Jack3d. Both were great. Looking to change it up and I was informed of a new called Nitraflex. Anyone got any info for me?

  2. It looks very poor. Arginine is pretty much bunk in preworkout products. On top of that, it's laughable when a company feels the need to disguise all of its ingredients behind nomenclature.

  3. Some of the best preworkouts in my opinion are Omega's Ultima, Neogenix BodyForge, iForce Hemavol, and Muscle Pharm's Assault. But everyone is different i personally not a huge fan of the overly stimmed out products.

  4. I have tried Nitraflex, energy/stim effect 8/10, aggression 8/10, pump 5/10, overall i would give it a 7/10. if you liked Bullnox and Jack3d you will most likely like Appnut's Lit-Up or AX Supersize.

  5. I got a better pump from Bullnox but I had better energy and no bloating from the Jack3d. Being that I'm on a limited budget I'm trying to work within my means. Thanks for the input gents, I'll keep researched before deciding

  6. Get a free sample of NeuroSurge here: Neogenix NeuroSurge --- [Get Ready for it!]

    Once you try it you'll be blown away!


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