The quest for the test begins with COMBUSTION!! Sponsored log

  1. The quest for the test begins with COMBUSTION!! Sponsored log

    Hey everyone welcome to my log. I've been given the oppurtunity to log combustion here on the forum for the guys over at BPS. My log will be a simple one since I have a VERY specific set of goals that I am trying to accomplish, anything else that happens along the way is gravy.
    1.LOSE as much fat as possible during this time
    2.Increase my capacity for cardio enough to run a 16:30 or better mile and a half
    3. Get up to 30 3 count pushups in a min

    My training is going to be very pointed with these goals in mind since I need to be able to do these things to test(hence quest for the test) for the local police depts in my area. I work in a jail for my day job so there are times where I will have to work 16hrs straight which just about derails that particular day.

    My stats are as follows:
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 253
    Bf: unknown but at least 20% (my fiance's pregnancy added a couple %)
    Supps I will be taking: whey, COMBUSTION, multi, dicreatine malate, and gaba for sleep(shift work is hell)

  2. You might want to post this in the right section. Supplement review one.

  3. Day1 (Saturday): Woke up, got my son out of bed and made his breakfast, checked the mailbox and TADAAA!! Combustion had arrived in the mail!! Got back into the house and popped one cap to test my tolerance (should've jumped in with 2). After dragging the morning out fora few hrs it was finally nap time for my son...aka cardio time for daddy! Having a young son has taught me to do things quietly when its naptime bc if he wakes up early all hell is about to break lose. Anyhow I got on the elliptical for 30 mins on one of the preprogrammed workouts and I started to sweat within 4mins of being on all the way till my workout was over. The warm sensation that you get from a thermo kept up for a good couple of hrs before I started to even back out. Took my son to his aunts house and took my second dose a few mins before my shift started. Within a half hr I got that warm feeling back and worked my day out as "usual". Got home and hit another 20mins on the elliptical( I LOVE this thing its so quiet so no complaints about the thump thump of the treadmill anymore) and after a good shower off to bed I went.

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