Hey guys,

Im trying to learn a bit about AIs and there physical effects on body composition
when i say ais i mean any that actually work wether they are otc or drug form

Can a strong ai that works actually reduce bodyfat from the lowering of estrogen, or will reducing estrogen (low enough) just drop and reduce fluid retention (externally) and give a drying and hardening effect again from the lowering of estrogen ?

If a user drys and hardens up from a loss of water from the ai does this man that they had elevated estrogen to start with/ a high aromatise conversion, or will/does the drying and hardening effect from loosing excess fluid happen even if estrogen was normal or even low to start with (given the ai in otc or drug form is strong enough) ?

Can AIs OTC or drugs be taken longer term say at a lower controlled dose to keep estrogen managed ?

I gather excess fluid retention (external) can be caused by to much estrogen in the body, is this generally mostly caused by increasing test levels through again otc supplements or drugs/steroids

or is it quite common for men to have naturally elevated estrogen causing a high aromatise conversion without taking anything to boost test levels ?

Do many suffer with constant fluid retention by having to much estrogen in their body,or at least think suspect they do due to a little to much estrogen floating around 24/7 ?

I think i MAY have always carried a some excess fluid retention regardless if im heavy or light possibly caused by a higher aromatise conversion. Interested if anyone feels or thinks they do to on a perm basis from without increasing test ?

Thanks for any decent contributions.