ALL supplements banned in UK?!?!? WTF??

  1. ALL supplements banned in UK?!?!? WTF??

    I just got the news from one of the stores I buy from, and here's the thing:

    We have been informed by the MHRA that we need to go through our entire product catalogue and delist many products.

    We will be able to fulfil all orders that come in but once products are delisted it will not be possible to buy them. We are taking legal advice on this but for now we must comply with the law even if we disagree with it.

    Here is the list of ingredients we have to date which are hit. Products containing these will be removed.

    Where products are known by more than one name you can assume it applies to each name. For instance 1,3 dimethylamylamine, DMAA, Methylhexaneamine etc are all names they know for the same nutrient.

    Sida Cordifolia
    Milk Thistle
    Coleus Forskolii
    Uva Ursi
    White Willow
    1,3 Dimethylamylamine
    Salix Alba
    Tongkat Ali
    Horny Goat Weed
    Eurycoma Longifolia

    Technically ALL THE SUPPLEMENTS are banned!

    There already a PETITION going on.. Does anyone knows something more about this?
    Why the heck??
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  2. wow
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. Tribulus too seriously?

  4. GABA
    Rauwolfia (I assume this is the source for alpha-yohimbine?)

  5. Yeah I got this too. I think the MHRA will only try banning these supplements by ordering individual supplement stores to stop selling them. So until it visits all of the major suppliers in the UK, we have some time to stock up. I'm not sure entirely sure how the MHRA will enforce this across the entire country as it doesn't have the capacity to undertake regular visits to the numerous supplement stores. I also wonder if said stores might set-up smaller off-shoots that specialise only in these banned substances. Otherwise I can imagine a number of these stores ceasing to exist.

  6. Well looks like i best get shopping. how f##ked up

  7. I just hope Craze and Recompadrol won't be in the banned list because I'm gonna slaughter somebody...
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by AutoKal47 View Post
    I just hope Craze and Recompadrol won't be in the banned list because I'm gonna slaughter somebody...
    ******** said that there is a 99% risk of Craze getting banned
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  9. Ok listen guys, its at these times bodybuilders must come togetter and start a force so strong no state cant handle it!

    Can´t be freaking true to natural HERBS are being banned, are these guys idiots! for some of us, bodybuilding is more then just training and looking big, for some its a lifestyle, for others its their job, some their hobby ect!!!

    For me bodybuilding is everything, it keeps me from drinking alcohol, smokeing, being a **** and takeing drugs like others youngsters because they have nothing that takes their time in the everyday.. without natural herb supplements that are researched to improve fysical power, i would think alot more would jump onto the steroid wagon wich is far worse then maybe consumeing high amount of herbs!

    Please let this nonsense stop! ****... its like takeing porn from the internet, leading to more people getting raped...
    sorry but its true

  10. So us from europe now need to order from US ? or is there another contry where the laws arent takeing action

  11. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    I thought you lived in America?. You live in the UK?
    I'm actually in Italy now so I buy all my sups from UK
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by AtomicFox View Post
    ******** said that there is a 99% risk of Craze getting banned
    omfg I'm gonna get *so* pissed.. Whatever, those two sups are the ones I'm gonna order from freakin' China if I have to,
    corner of the street, black market, whatever...

    I run 2 sups only but they'll have to gun me down if they want me to stop using those.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by Angelbolic View Post
    I've seen this posted on several sites but no source states a reason for their supposed ban. No official response from the MHRA either. So does anyone know why these supplements are getting banned?
    This is the closest to an official explanation that I found

    According to the date of the article this happened last year,
    only now it actually turned effective.. odd.
    Maybe because of the olympic games?
    or maybe because governments just need money..
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Angelbolic View Post
    As I've understand it from a Dutch nutrition professor, who writes a weekly column in a big newspaper, this is only about herbal medicines. They can still be sold as a dietary supplement, but producers/NDs can't name it/prescribe a herbal medicine anymore unless it's approved (by EFSA I guess).

    Interestingly, the UK sidestepped this decision*, so unless anything has changed your article has nothing to do with the current UK situation. It kinda scares me the MHRA is just pulling supplements without giving an official response.
    1. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(08)61345-8 (sorry can't give a direct link due to my post count)

    well that'd make this whole thing much worse..
    There is no way this is gonna fly, seriously.. Even if they come up with some stupid reason
    for it bottom line is they want the money from the sups market
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    I live in the USA so I'm sorry for the people in the UK I guess....They still have a lot PH products that aren't legal here in the US though so I guess there is a trade off. I could live without supplements really anyway.
    Try living in Australia!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by db2000 View Post
    Try living in Australia!
    Or Denmark for that sake. I was lucky to have a UK supplier because that meant that I could import the supps from within Europe. That is not possible now and pretty much anything will be taken by the customs.
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  17. MHRA is funded by pharmaceutical industry and they are responsible for several drug licensing scandals and most recently PIP breast implants scandal. Not exactly the people you would put in charge of deciding what's safe and what's not :P
    As far as I can see their goal is to kill supplement industry by banning anything that is not found in food chain in significant amount as they claim those substances are not food supplements but medicinal products. Funny enough, they banned DHEA products but not those with variants of androstadienon.

    DMAA and DHEA is still available in Poland, though I would think their days are counted. Judging by how Polish govt is always trying to get into EU a*s and their crackdown on party drugs (those sold as fertilizers) two years ago.

    On that subject, do you know how are UK Customs dealing with supplements shipped from outside EU? I want to source some stuff from Canada in the near future and do not want to get it held by them...

    Also, are you guys in Europe take supplements on board when flying or in your hold luggage?

  18. What the f... great, uk used to be my main supplier for supplements too. For now, my main supplements are not on that list but this will most likely change as those pharma companies can't get enough profits every...
    gaba is still available in germany though. Don't know about the other stuff.

    When do the people finally wake up and fight those corrupt governments??

  19. Quote Originally Posted by db2000 View Post
    Try living in Australia!
    Or Germany.
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  20. It is ignorance, greed, and's everywhere.
    Strength and Honor!!

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  22. Lol the UK is such a ****in politically correct joke. I heard you can get beat up for drinking a beer in public by Islamic extremists in some areas, yet your worthless government is concerned with banning tribulus ?? pathetic.

  23. Amazing. And I thought USA (where I live) was tough ...

  24. ^^^You guys realize this thread is over a year old, right?
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