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  1. ive heard that oxyelite pro should be quite effetive!

  2. Any opinions on 25mg of Bronkaid and 200mg of caffeine?

  3. -Calculate your RMR. There are plenty of effective methods you can use such as Mifflin St.-Jeor, Cunningham, ect. Factor in your activity factor. Then establish a reasonable caloric deficit with an eating plan. There's much more to it then just that but it's a starting point. You can then add in things such as nutrient partitioner's, raspberry ketones, TTA, etc. From what I've read, you're not ready for a prohormones like epistane yet.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BB12 View Post
    I always love to add AX Trisorb into any stack. Given the those two mentioned, would make the Trifecta
    ^^^This! Currently using Trisorb and on first hand, i thought i wouldn't be able to see any of it's effects but i was wrong. Taking a pretty lengthy stack right now and i believe the Trisorb has helped it feel like all clean energy and has helped everything serve its purpose better.
    Athletic Xtreme - Are you Xtreme enough?
    -Philippians 4:13-

  5. Quote Originally Posted by punjabimunde

    Seriously bro...I love PX 500-xt...I lost 8lbs in 4weeks...while keeping my size...and I still love the feeling of energy comes from pro xt....great stuff!!!
    500-xt WORKS!!! Great stuff I second it

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MindFack
    Any opinions on 25mg of Bronkaid and 200mg of caffeine?
    This plus Erase Pro, Anabeta Elite and DAA.


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