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  1. CEX by LIFT

    I started a log over at bb.com and I figured I would throw it over here too for those who don't frequent that board.

    This is going to be my first log so if I leave anything out - screw off. Just kidding, ask and you shall receive.
    I will be using CEX and I started yesterday (monday 13th)

    BACKGROUND: working on my 5th yr of lifting and 21st yr of living. I have also had surgery that put me out for 2 months, but I am pretty much back. I am also a monohydrate non-responder (except for the bloat) so it will be interesting to see if this works for me or not.

    MY WORKOUTS: I do a 3 day split with A and B days. workout 5 days a wk.
    A days -
    ** Chest and Tris (bench, flies, close grip bench, pushdowns)
    A2 Legs and Shoulders Traps(squat, ext, calves, military,dumbell,shrugs)
    A3 Back and bi's (Lat pull dn, pull ups, semi dl, straight bar curl, cable curls)

    B days -
    B1 Chest and Tris (Incline, incline db, dips, overhead ext.)
    B2 Legs and Shoulders traps (leg press, ham curls, calves, raises, shrugs)
    B3 Back and bi's (bent over rows, cable rows, hyper ext., ez bar curls, machine curls)

    I don't exactly have a set diet, but 90% of the time I eat eggs, chicken, burger patties (or small steak), tuna, and 2-3 shakes a day for protein. I also eat 1-2 servings of veggies, 1 fruit, and complex carbs ( oats, potatoes, yams, brown rice)

    INITIAL thoughts - typical VPX look and lingo, and tastes like borderline cat piss, but taste is hardly a factor for me. I took my first 2 doses yesterday and I already had the much reported sleep trouble. Matter of fact, it was the worst night's sleep I have had in a long time - I will try taking this earlier in the day to see if it helps. Strength and endurance obviously the same.

  2. Yesterday I was loaded down with too many thing to do - so I didnt get to lift. That always bothers me, but there was no way around it. I took only one dose (as I will always do on non-training days) earlier in the day and I slept better so we will see if the sonner you take it the better you sleep or if it was bc I only took 1 dose instead of 2. I will be in the gym tonight around 8 and will report back later.

  3. 9-15
    Tonight I felt a bit more energy and I took it later in the evening again so that is why I am still up. Strength is still even steven, but I did not tire out as easily. Will update tomorrow. The main things I am going to lay out are Strength, Sleep, Energy, and Recovery.

  4. 9-16
    *Worked out back and bi's today*
    Strength: I have actually already upped some reps for exercises this was not expected, but I won't complain.

    Energy: I got about 4-5 hrs last night so I wasn't expecting a champagne with bubbles time in the gym, but I actually felt energized as soon as I got started. And I am the kinda person that needs his sleep.

    Recovery: I am barely even sore from my first workout this wk (Chest and Tri's) - this isn't the fastest time, but I workout to max failure so I usually stay sore for a good few days.

    Sleep: Obviously it is still affecting it or so it would seem - hopefully I sleep better tonight. But it will take longer to assess whether or not it is the CEX and if what time I take it makes a difference.

    *** Side note, this stuff has been making me feel great mood wise. I really do get a sense of well-being that I noticed today (but could also have been just a good day) Is anyone else that is taking this feeling the same???

  5. 9-17
    *Worked out Chest and Tri's today*
    Strength: I upped my reps again and the pumps came on nice and full, but didn't last as hardcore as the initial w/o pump- yet they are still lasting outside the gym.

    Energy: I literally felt like I could go all night (imagine if this were a sex supp. ) I can't really feel my muscles fatigue while repping, the only reason I stop is bc I can't lift it anymore. It in a way numbs me.

    Recovery: Soreness is becoming a non-issue now. It is weird to say, but I almost miss waking up and hurting. I am a little sore the day after and that's it.

    Sleep: I slept better last night and I also took it earlier in the day. hhmmmm.

    ***Side note - I will be working out tom. to make up for the day I missed this wk. It will be Legs and Shoulders/traps.

  6. I believe others have mentioned problems with sleep on CEX as well.

  7. Legs and shoulders/traps
    Strength: Well nothing much happened today as far as that goes, I did go up 5 lbs on dumbells for shoudler presses though - everything else stayed the same. ( But I did miss a meal yesterday, went to sleep @ 5 am, and had only one meal before my w/o today ) so all of that probably contributed. This won't happen again bc I usually don't workout on wkends.

    Energy: still had plenty of it, and that numb feeling I was talking about - fuget aboutit - I felt the burn today so maybe it was just in my head the other day.

    Recovery: No soreness now from my back and bi's w/o and my chest and tri's are only noticeable if I stretch out.

    Sleep: It is getting a lot better - my advice is to take it as far away from your bed time as possible.

    **FIRST WK SUMMARY** I am liking the energy, and pumps. I wish the pumps would last a little longer, but we will see how that goes. I have already had an increase in reps and weight on some exercises so YEAH FOR ME!!! Will shoot some more of my meaningless thoughts next wk people - have a good rest of the wkend 'ya chumps!

  8. hey man, i just started taking this stuff about 4 days ago, and worked out every muscle at least 1 time so far. like you said, the pumps while working out are amazing, i feel like im huge, but they go away after a while (obviously).

    as for sleep... i know what you mean man, but i just try to go to bed early, that way i get as many hours of whatever i can get in there.

    im just curious to know if this stuff gets you lookin bigger after a few weeks. if you can, LIFT2BHUGE ,you think you can include in your reports the visual result in CEX.... as in muscle growth. i would greatly appreciate it .

    also... when is that week 2 report coming up? and btw, thanks for what youve contributed so far!

    p.s. have you been gaining any muscle weight? in a thread from another forum, this guy said he went up about 20 pounds in a few weeks. that sounds a little unreasonable but just let me know your results. thanks man

  9. I get the lean pumps but have not gained any weight yet.

  10. how long have you been on this stuff wastedboy?? whats your diet like? how much do you weigh and how old are you?

    i just bought some muscle nitrous by vpx to stack with the CEX and ill let you guys know how that goes. i hope i notice a difference.

  11. How do yall take this stuff it tastes horrible to me. I put some hawian punch
    in my mouth then pore on top then chaseit down with some more.
  12. darius
    darius's Avatar

    It doesn't taste bad at all when mixed with a cup of gatorade, oj, or some sort of whey fruit protein.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by darius
    It doesn't taste bad at all when mixed with a cup of gatorade, oj, or some sort of whey fruit protein.
    Fruit protein eh? Sounds a good idea
    PS: I hate gatorade

  14. Ok I have some catching up to do so I will post my log for this wk over here now

  15. 9/20
    Back and Bi's
    Strength: Went up yet again in reps on everything and 5lbs with my straight bar curls. The pumps are ok - not too strong and they are still lasting a little longer.

    Energy: You know the deal - plenty of it.

    Recovery: I am not sore at all from saturday's legs and shoulder/trap w/o so this seems to be improving big time and I need that bc I hit every muscle twice every 3-5 days depending on the wk.

    Sleep: The earlier I take it the better I sleep and I sleep sooouuunnd. But I took it later tonight so this will test my pattern again.

    **Side note - the vascularity is awesome

  16. 9/22
    Ok I didn't get in the gym yesterday - I know, I know I should be beaten with a splintered piece of wood with rusty nails. I did go tonite though and I am not pleased.
    *Chest and Tri's*
    Strength: Nothing - just a good pump

    Energy: Yea I had it, but I couldn't lift tonite.

    Recovery: Still awesome.

    Sleep: Doing pretty good - it is my fault for going to bed late.

    All in all, I had a CRAPPY w/o tonite. I am pretty sure it is my fault bc the past few days I have been going to bed later than I should and sometimes missing a meal. This will NOT happen anymore bc I am starting to piss myself off. Plus I want to give a good review for you ladies
    ***Side note I had a pump in my abs after working them out - weird, and I like weird.

  17. 9/24
    *Legs and Shoulders/traps
    Strength: went up again - just a few reps on exercises, but still up is up. and the pumps came on nice and also left FAST.

    Energy: This kicks turbo jet fueled ass!! I came late into my gym and only had 20 min until closing - so I took no rest between sets and alternated my lifts
    ie: set of legs, set of calves, set of shoulders/traps - repeat.
    And all the energy I needed to do it. BUENO.

    Recovery: top notch

    Sleep: fine and dandy - take it early

    **Side note I will be working out this wkend to make up for what I missed this wk then do my wk 2 summary biiiiiaaatches.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Buc4Life04
    How do yall take this stuff it tastes horrible to me.
    1. Pour water into cup
    2. Use 1/2 tsp to scoop CEX
    3. Add CEX to your cup of water
    4. Stir and swallow

    Seriously though I have gotten used to the taste - and if you are in this for the taste then you are barking up the wrong tree.

  19. hey lift,

    its going to be a week on monday that im on this stuff, and so far, i love the vascularity and energy, but i want my strength and size to go up. since youve been on CEX for a few weeks now, maybe you can tell me if im in for some muscle growth increase? (particularly in the bi's and arms) i have my workouts split in two different sections, lower body and upper body and i alternate every two days, so i only worked out each set once, and each w/o was amazing because of the energy boost. the vascularity and pumps were great, i am just REALLY REALLY REALLY anxious for muscle size increase more than anything. please let me know ur results.

    btw, thanks for your update on ur test log, its greatly appreciated!

  20. man i am jacked up on this stuff,
    i work 3-4 12s 6p-6am, i never get tired, literally.....its sucks but it is kinda cool, my clen hasnt even arrived yet!

    as far as density,damn, i am on a very LOW timed carb diet and this stuff gives me back some of my previous post carb intake pump and vascularity, you know like after a few 12oz curls at your local pub gives you. also incredible endurance in the gym. no soreness just tightness the next day like you have done something.

    i love it i take it in about 4oz of water then chase it with a 20oz.er or something. you do get used to it though.
    I cant wait to get ultra lean and be on this stuff! JACKED UP

    brimx: as far as your arms are concerned, kill them in the gym, i did like 12 and 12 sets on bis and tris, heavy, no mercy, and they will definitely grow on this stuff with proper diet and rest of course.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by kelsey
    i love it i take it in about 4oz of water then chase it with a 20oz.er or something. you do get used to it though.
    Yeah, I did the same yesterday and i think its the best way to swallow it

  22. thanks guys,

    as far as taste goes, who gives a ****?!?!? its magic muscle juice guys! it helps me to think that as im drinking it, its going straight into my muscle fibers and expanding them, lol. and it just tastes like bitter bubblegum which isnt that bad. cant wait to get a few more workouts on this stuff again.


  23. kelsey you sound pretty jacked up...lol
    You actually have me curious about trying it. Are you holding any water from it? I have a tendency to hold water and mono makes me swell like a balloon...

  24. no bloat stryd, none just pump, even when you dont train,

    i have never experienced that with any other creatine product.

    just a suggestion though, i paid 60 or so with shipping for 360 g's, you might try the CEE products from custom, should be cheaper.
    i dont think it is monohydrate either its CEX.hehe

  25. *Back and Bi's*
    Strength: Went up again in reps and 5lbs on my biceps. Let's all do a dance.

    Energy: Yea, and I sweat alot.

    Recovery: I can't get myself sore - I am going to KILL myself next wk and see if I can then.

    Sleep: Just fine now- I think you get used to taking it.

    **SECOND WK SUMMARY** This stuff is starting to impress me. I keep going up on lifts which is a major plus. And dare I say it I think there maybe some composition change going on here. I don't measure my bf - I go by the mirror and the way clothes fit. Call me crazy, but the abs seem to show more and I am not doing any intensive cardio - I am only walking to and from campus (1 mile each way) and to all my classes.


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