How does my Osta and S4 stack look.

  1. How does my Osta and S4 stack look.

    About me I'm 38 5'10 and weigh 220. Looking to recomp with Osta 25mg a day and S4 50mg a day 5 days a week. Will it be ok to use Earse Pro (every other day) and Alpha t2 at the same time? How does my stack look?

  2. I don't see anything wrong with it, there are a few logs of the SARMs in the anabolics section you might want to take a look at (RickRock's in particular).

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  3. Sounds good to me bro. Its very similar to what I'm doing and should work well for your goal as long as the diet and training is right. Dosing looks good.

    I'm using an AI also (Formastanozol), so Erase will work well. I also just started using Shift, which is the active ingredient in Alpha T-2, so that will also fit well.

    It should be a great time! If you have any questions feel free to PM me or drop in my log anytime!
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