has anyone tried neurostim?

  1. has anyone tried neurostim?

    Ive been hearing some good things about Neurostim
    from scivation, and I think Im going to try it. Im looking for something to give me
    some mental energy/focus throughout the day. and to also rev up my workouts.
    what does everyone think of neurostim, those who have tried it?

  2. no one has tried it?? cmon there has to be someone with some feedback.

  3. Never tried it. Generally speaking, those all in one mixes are an expensive way to buy. IMO, the "meat" of that mix - ALCAR, Tyrosine, Huperzine and Vinpocetine are all effective when done at proper dose and can be bought seperately at BAC and Fast for much cheaper. Mix yourself to save money and gauge the effect of each item seperatley.


  4. Just got a bottle and will give it a whirl soon...will keep you posted

  5. NO-xplode has all of those ingredients except ALCAR, plus it is a volumizer/creatine/CM cocktail. It's been working pretty well for me in both the energy/focus and strength/volume departments.

    Buying and mixing your own can definitely be cheaper than the Neurostim.

  6. ...really? I didn't realize that. Sounds pretty good.

  7. There are some test logs on bb.com of people who are using it. I have been using it for a few days and find it to be quite effective. It seems to me that the results have been getting better each day. But maybe thats just me.

  8. Sounds good...will start mine Monday

  9. Good luck!!!

  10. I like it. So does my girlfriend. I woke up this morning and asked what she was drinking it was my nuerostim. Since I ordered the xtreme body challenge kit the price was well worth it. Don't know if I am willing to fork out $30 for it though. When your can order the bulk ingredients for cheaper.

  11. OK took my first dose today. 2 scoops mixed with 16 oz cold water. The taste is pretty good, tastes like a gatorade. Small aftertaste, but nothing intolerable. Good thing is the aftertaste is very brief and subsides quickly. I hate it when you take something in a powder or liquid and the aftertaste lasts all day long!

    Anyways, notice a little more alertness and energy. In a good mood, don't know if it had anything to do with the product or this beautiful weather
    Will try another dose tonight pre-workout and see how beneficial it is for that...

  12. Took a dose this morning before workout, which I thought was going to be terrible considering I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, but actually had a pretty good workout. Hit chest and felt good and strong. No noticable energy boost or alertness, just felt normal, BUT considering the lack of sleep and the inability to eat anything before workout due to hectic schedule, workout was not hindered.

    More to come...

    Oh, and one more thing, mixed the dose this morning with room temp water and taste was not as palatable. Definetly better with cold water!

  13. I decide to go with the bulk approach. I ordered a tub of ALCAR powder from 1fast400
    Ill mix it into Xpand (from dymatize) which has the typical V12-swole type ingredients. we'll see how it works. what is a good dose of ALCAR to take at once? / daily?
    thanks for the replies..


  14. The Huperzine A in Neurostim acts as an acetylcholine-esterase inhibitor, which contributes greatly to its effects.
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