Multi-Flavor EvoPro reviews

  1. Multi-Flavor EvoPro reviews

    Iv'e been seeing lots of reviews for evopro.. anyway one thing is a lot of people try a protein once and just run to the computer and write-up a review.. but sometimes(for me its often) after i finish a whole bottle i have a differnt opinion.. well ive tried numerous flavors of evopro and all my reviews are based on finishing an entire bottle not just one shake...
    Oh i also need to mention i tried mixing them all with water first and i just cant stand them.. but for me the ONLY protein that is drinkable in water is nectar.. i just dont like super thin shakes so i mix everything with milk

    Cookies & cream- hands down my favorite.. ive gone though 4 jugs of these and it never gets old.. very close to choc milk imoh

    Chocolate- not bad kinda strange flavor.. i think the cookies and cream taste's more like choc milk than this but still good enough to buy again

    Berry- almost couldnt finish the bottle.. it was OK the first few shakes.. the after taste's almost tastes like fruity pebbles.. but it really wasnt one i looked forward too..

    Topical Blitz- Tasted like melon.. i hate MELON! heh so obviously i hated this one.. but if you like melon you probably will like it.. i dunno why they have a melon flavor when this tastes like melon...

    Fuji Apple- whoever says this tastes like biting into an apple is nuts.. it wasnt awful but didnt really taste like any apple ive ever tried.. very very odd taste

    ok well personaly next im gonna try the vanilla and stick with the cookies and cream.. taste is very subjective which is a big problem with reviews like this... but just thought id share my opinions... on a side note i use cyto gainer post workout.. the cookies and cream for that isnt as good tasting with all that malto but still pretty good.. also i have the strawberries and cream which is good but would of prefered just strawberry..
    hopefully they will add more of the muscle milk flavors to evopro like the blueberry and rocky road...

  2. thanks for your review! glad to hear the cookies and cream is your fav cuz i just got mine in the mail yesterday. i'm always partial to chocolate type flavors. one question though, i've heard tropical blitz flavor as being one of the best flavors. i love melons, but i've never had fruit flavored protein before. would you recommend it for melon/fruit flavor protein?

  3. im sure if you like melons you'd like the tropical.. but like i said i personally hate melons so obviously i hate the tropical flavor

  4. appreciate the review. I dont find the fuji apple to be too good either. Has a weird metallic taste to it. The melone patch (only other flavor ive tried) is solid though. My frequency of drinking it has died down since I first got it but I've always been a chocolate/van/strawberry guy anyways.

  5. Just tried the C&C flavor. very good and a nice change from plain chocolate. But, it may be a little too sweet for some people.

  6. Cookies & Cream is the only flavor I have tried but it tastes fairly good in milk. For the price it's taste & quality is hard to beat.

  7. I like the Fuji Apple.
    I hated Fruit Fusion.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by size
    I like the Fuji Apple.
    I hated Fruit Fusion.
    fruit fusion isnt a flavor.. fuji apple is part of the fruit fusion line of evopro

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Sanosuke
    fruit fusion isnt a flavor.. fuji apple is part of the fruit fusion line of evopro
    Yes, you are correct. It was Berry Delicious, and it is NOT delicious. It is rather bad.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Yes, you are correct. It was Berry Delicious, and it is NOT delicious. It is rather bad.
    haha i agree with ya there

  11. got the vanilla. tastes fine nothing special.. think when trueprotein gets in BSL's flavoring ill switch to them for my protein needs...


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