Supplements Contributed To Results

  1. Supplements Contributed To Results

    I've used a lot and I can't say any has given me major huge changes and results. I mostly stick to creatine for strength, a PWO for energy and a pump product for aesthetics....

    Other than that most of the stuff u don't notice too much.

    How much would u say sups has contributed to your success of your goals?
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  2. Yep, PWOs give me energy and motivation. Also feel a little stronger on PWOs because of energy and motivation. Some definitely work better than others. Not sure I would be so dedicated to gym in some days if not for PWOs.

  3. For me... Pre-WorkOuts can be good to give me that zoning in effect and energy you need to for a great workout.. BUT, nothing do it as good as Testo Boosters.. Yupp... the mental aspect I get, from Mass-FX for example, is unreal.. Same goes for most good working Testo Boosters out there.. The attitude, aggressiveness (read: lust for training) I get from them are exactly what I need and want!!
    In other words... if my mind isn't there, the results isn't there either...

    Other then that, use staples such as creatine, bcaa/eaa's and omegas..

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