clen, Tri-max, clen - gf's cycle

  1. clen, Tri-max, clen - gf's cycle

    OK, my gf wants to lose some weight quickly before we go on a cruise. She is getting starting a new cardio program and is beginning to eat right (aka boring food).

    So, she wants to lose like 10-20 pounds in a month and change. I have onhand the tools necessary, Tri-max and clen (also have ECA). So, here's what I'm thinking:

    2 weeks clen
    2 weeks Tri-max
    2 weeks clen + thyroid PCT

    The Tri-max will be run at a low dose, just 1 ED. Curious what you all recommend for her PCT, and if you have any suggested changes she should make for this cut.

  2. how bout 2 weeks clen+trimax, 2 weeks ECA, then 2 weeks clen+trimax...
    I think this will be the most effective, clen and trimax work in synergy....

  3. you never know how that combination might affect her. Tri-max and clen are pretty powerful and synergistically they could be a little dangerous. I'd say if she has experience using clen before then that could be a good possibility to try. Giving tri-max/clen to someone with no tolerance could end up being very dangerous.

  4. I was thinking she should run them seperately because she has no experience with either. She has used ECA before. While she herself didn't say anything I personally noticed a difference when she was using ECA. She was not exercising though while on it.

    The other reason why I think clen would be better off Tri-max is that once you go off Tri-max your thyroid levels are down. During the time you recouperate, you need something that will help keep rebound to a minimum.

    I think of Tri-max is to the thyroid as prohormone are to HPTA. Both act as substitutes that are superior to the original, but suppress natural production, so when you go off, you need to recover. Also with both, time off should be GREATER than time on. I remember reading that some people take over a month for their thyroid to return completely to normal after a couple weeks on Tri-max. To do 2 cycles in such a short time I think would be detrimental.

  5. If she is just starting a cardio/diet program and last time she did ECA didn't even exercise she might want to get those in check before messing with powerful stimulants like these. I don't mean to preach as only you know if your GF's fitness habits are in check but you should (IMHO) supervise to make sure she is staying on track. Clen's not a magic pill and she shouldn't make the impression that it is.

  6. normally I'd just get her on track for a month or two before letting her take the stuff. However, we go on a cruise in about 6 weeks. This severely limits the amount of time she has to lose weight. She wants to look better in a bikini. That's understandable. With my support she'll do fine in the cardio department. She likes working with weights so that's certainly not a problem. The problem is her aversion to sweat.

  7. update. No clen for her. She took 40mcg this morning. This afternoon she came home and threw up. She has a large headache and is extremely tired. I gave her some water to drink because she didn't drink enough water today and about 10 minutes after drinking the water she threw up again.

    I find this weird because she responded well to ephedrine HCL. In any case, I hope she's ok. I've never heard of anyone reacting to clenbuterol this way, and I checked and double checked ahead of time to see that she had no contraindications. But that still hasn't prevented me from feeling like a royal dickhead and worried terribly about her, hoping she'll get better. Damn this boldenone for making me worry too much about EVERYTHING.

  8. You never know until you try. Guess you can just go with the Trimax.

  9. As for Tri-max since it isn't a prescription or OTC drug, there are no listed contraindications or official side effects .... SO, I'm going to look up Cytomel and just assume similar side effects and contraindications.

    EDIT: Btw, she takes Effexor XR. So far the only contraindications I've seen with any thyroid medication is anyone who takes a sympathomimetic amine. Effexor does not appear to be such a drug. Though parsing through the FDA's website and official drug labelling is pretty difficult. There's so much info and it's all so technical in nature.
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