Hgh complete?

  1. Hgh complete?

    None tried this and if so what have you seen from it? Is there a better hgh supp out there?

  2. *anyone

  3. I dunno. They threw in a lot stuff probably to try and make someone feel something even if not a GH response. The only things for GH that would interest me is GABA and Mucuna Pruriens. No telling how much GABA is in there, but I doubt enough. Same with Mucuna which is also only a 10 percent extract. Something like this with a propriety blend and no real info on how much is in there, I would just skip on. They also threw in trib and melatonin??? Sounds like compensation for something. Just feel like boycotting propriety blends recently as this seems just a way of covering butt when haphazardly throw a bunch of stuff in. Couldn't a competitor get break down if really wanted to and, if so, who are they keeping real info from.

    If you want to get a GH supp, get product focused on GH like IGF-2 or HGH-up. IGF-2 has Mucuna and Rhodiolio, both of which I like. Eat a well balanced protein diet and get GH amino support if you eat a wide variety of proteins. The amino based GH boosters just seem suspect to me. Yes, you need these aminos to support natural levels, but not sure taking high doses of aminos will raise levels in healthy individual that eats a decent diet.

  4. Thanks. I was skeptic on it.

  5. I take IGF-2 and like it.



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