1. Jack3d+DominATP

    Hi Everyone

    Im extremely tollerant to stimulants, so i was looking for something different, right now i have to take 3 scoops of jacked but i feel like i barely get the effect of what most of the peoples fell on just 1 scoop.

    I was wondering if dominATP would help so i can get a better effect without having to take so much jacked.

    Also go ahead if you got other supplements/combos for people that are really tollerant to stimulants.

    PS:my tollerance is not because i took too much stimulant/caffeine etc, its a genetic tollerance.

  2. Jeez three scoops that is hardcore.
    Lets get JACKED!!!!!!!

  3. DominATP combines ideal stimulant free ingredients making it a perfect stack with Jack3d for a "juiced-up" pre-workout powerhouse.

    DominATP Powerhouse Profile:
    •Dicreatine Malate
    •Beta Alanine
    •Citrulline Malate
    •Agmatine Sulfate

    USPLabs and NutraPlanet offer the premier feature of total annihilation in performance and endurance with new DominATP. If you're ready for the energy, pump, and endurance in volumizing proportions, then you're ready for DominATP

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