which pre workout would be better?

  1. which pre workout would be better?

    hypershock by myogenix
    slin sane by genomyx

  2. Those two are totally different products...one is a typical pre-workout mix and the other is a nutrient repartitioner.

    Personally I'd go with Slin-sane before your pre-workout meal (with plenty of carbs), but I always prefer proper nutrition to a stimmed workout drink. So truly it is more dependent on what exactly you are looking for.

  3. Myogenix Hyper Shock is designed to give your workouts an incomparable boost, helping you increase strength and muscle size. The key in this workout supplement is the 8 hours of sustained release L-Arginine. This amino acid supports your body's use of Nitric Oxide, a powerful compound that regulates heart, neural, and immune system function
    *Power Through Your Toughest Workouts with Tremendous Intensity, Energy & Focus from the 1st Set to the Last Rep, with Electroshock 7 Hour Energy!
    *Experience Vein Swelling Pumps with 8 Hour Sustained Release Nitric Oxide!
    *Free Form Amino Acids and Whey Hydrolysate with Low Molecular Weight Di & Tri Peptides Produce Rapid Muscle Growth and Recovery!
    *Advanced Blend of Patented Creatines Produce Explosive Power and Strength with No Bloating!
    *GlycoRush Endurance Promoting Carbohydrates Deliver Instant Muscle Glycogen to Sustain Workout Intensity!

    Slin-Sane was designed to be just that nutrient storage optimization tool, by working to maximize uptake of glucose and amino acids at the muscle cell through multiple angles similar to and in conjunction with insulin, while delivering increased vascularity and muscle fullness.

    Slin-Sane Overview:

    *Enhances vasodilation and muscle pumps
    *Elevates nitric oxide
    *Drives nutrients into cells
    *Stimulates insulin release, mimicks insulin and enhances insulin's endogenous effect
    *Reduces fasting glucose and insulin
    *Reduces glucose response to meals
    *Reduces fat gain and speeds up fat loss
    *Regenerates pancreatic beta cells
    *Supports healthy blood lipids
    *Lowers liver lipid content (major factor in cardiovascular disease)
    *Increases plasma adiponectin

  4. non imo. why are you stuck between those two.
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    Bolt10 said it correctly

  6. OP, are you open to other suggestions? Why just 2
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  7. Yeah what are you going for pump? Mild energy? Major energy? Pick me up?
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  8. they are just the two that I was looking at when I posted this...I'm open to anything

  9. Then in that case, if you want a pump I would look into hemavol; all the top NO boosting ingredients at maxed out dosages; comes in both pills and powder depending on your preference and gets an unreal amount of solid reviews.

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  10. I actually went to buy that but they were out of stock and then I forgot about it

  11. Quote Originally Posted by stephen1324 View Post
    I actually went to buy that but they were out of stock and then I forgot about it
    If you're looking for massive pump and zone in effect, check out our new SuperSize from the Ultra Series. Nutra got a really good price for it as well right now, check it out:

  12. Quote Originally Posted by stephen1324
    I actually went to buy that but they were out of stock and then I forgot about it
    Pills ans powder should be in stock at alot of places. Nutraplanet has em for sure.
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