200 ct X-factor advanced help???

  1. 200 ct X-factor advanced help???

    Hey Im new to these forums but it looks like people here help you more than at bodybuilding.
    Anyways I'm 21 and am currently transitioning into my cut and am about to run a couple bottles of 11-lean (11oxo), Natadrol and a bottle of recompadrol for 45 days. for pct though i was wondering if its ok to run a 200ct bottle of X-factor Advanced (ArA) Ive never taken ara as a supplement before but after reading many reviews people say its great for leaning out and yadi yadi yada... anywasy i was wondering if anyone has ever taken x-factor advanced? How they liked it? how to dose it? and can i use it with a bottle of (purus labs) recycle as part of a pct for the 11oxo and Natadrol.

    Im currently 185 probably 10-11% Bodyfat and my goal is to be about 180, 6-7% by summer.

  2. Many people have used XF/XFA...I think it'd enhance your pct...try it out, let us know how it goes...

    X Factor Advanced... Thoughts??

    I like the 4-5 caps taken all preWO method of dosing...

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