Bullnox, Caffeine content and issues with product

  1. Bullnox, Caffeine content and issues with product

    Seriously, the propriety profile thing is crap. Should start only buying products where manufacturers have ethics to disclose contents. Not like competitors could not find out if they really wanted to discern what is in the product. Assault, Razor and etc. all list profiles and they are selling just fine. Seemed like companies would learn lessons after content issues with some manufacturers resulted in class action.

    So how much caffeine in here??? Do companies just dump stuff in haphazardly, have no idea on precise content and call it proprietary?

    Liked this product first two weeks taking it, then started to get bleeding gums and weird pain in upper chest throat. Read that some of the content[s] can actually cause bleeding issues, but Betancourt leaves pertinent info out on these ingredient[s]. Stopped taking Bullnox, went back to RPM and side effects subsided.

    Anyone else have issues? What about info on blood thinning aspects of certain ingredients (ie., horny goat weed and etc.)?

  2. Thats why I stick with no prop blend.

    If your getting any sides I'd just get rid of it.
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  3. Bullnox worked well for me. But I suspect the glucose polymers in it, and many other pre's is purely maltodextrin. For what it's worth, that's why Bullnox tastes so freaking good.
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  4. I felt the beta alanine but the caffiene content is not extremely high, approx 200 mg.

  5. The caffeine level is definitely around the 200 range and no more. I liked energy from Bullnox at first because it was not too much. I don't take DMAA 1,3 as it is too much much for me when combined with caffeine. The last couple of days, the energy from Bullnox waned and then I got that weird aching chest, upper lung and throat feeling when I breathed in deeply.

    RPM seems good for now and does not have a bunch of extra crap although I would prefer no arginine after reading about that and GH response.

    So does anyone know if horny goat weed can cause gum bleeding or was it something else in there? That stopped two days after I stopped taking Bullnox also. Not a good sign and spooky when considering chest pain in upper lungs.

  6. I hate prop blends.

  7. I don't think HGW can cause gum bleeding. RPM has Icariin in it and that is derived from HGW.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    I don't think HGW can cause gum bleeding. RPM has Icariin in it and that is derived from HGW.
    I saw that in RPM. Haha, part of the reason I wanted to know exact make up of Bullnox or if it is something else. Is Icariin the exact same structure as Horny Goat Weed. I did not see warnings on blood thinning related to Icariin, but did see that on Goat Weed. I have taken RPM in past without issue and bleeding and pain went away after stopping Bullnox and going on RPM so the level of Icarin in RPM does not bother me.

  9. Icarrin is extracted from HGW. It is the main reason for the effects you get from icarrin. HGW has other things in it though, it is not as "pure" as HGW. I'm not sure I'm explaining this correctly but it is how I understand it. Maybe someone else can shed some light on the subject.

  10. HGW is the plant you get the Icariin. You will see different extracts like 20% icariin, 40% icariin extracted from HGW. Icariin is the reason for PD5 inhibition you get from the HGW. It is an herbal Viagra.


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