acne pill?

  1. acne pill?

    has anybody tried/looked at these? there's one that has i believe a bunch "bromide" compounds, i have no idea if this could be beneficial...

  2. Who sells these? Be careful, bromine workers have a tendency toward madness, and most inorganic bromides have long lasting sedative properties.

  3. Hey at least you'll be serenely insane with nice skin. jk!

  4. sounds kind of good actually! naw, loma lux acne pill available at walgreens.
    Active Ingredients: Each 300mg tablet contains: Kali Bromatum 1X / Potassium Bromide, Natrum Bromatum 2X / Sodium Bromide, Niccolum Sulphuricum 6X / Nickel Sulfate, Sulphur 6X, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 9X/Calcium Sulfide

    lil pricey to test, like 30$/bottle (month?) but if it worked...

  5. Don't bother IMO. Just shower twice daily, use a loofa and Oxy wash. You just want to control the bacteria in the pores (regardless of how it was caused, androgens, etc), and washing twice (esp with oxy) will kill it. I also got Differin gel on top of that, works wonders. You don't have to get Differin, but it helps.

  6. what's "differin"?

  7. its a prescription topical

    I prefer retin-A for the topical route myself

  8. Julius, its a homeopathic formula. I think that there is really something to this, but never trust a pill form. It must be presicely made and come in DI H2O. I hear that the Differin cream is great, even a new high conc. formula out now, but I peel like an orange when I use it. Tretinion cream works good for me, but oxy can help too.

  9. thanks guys, (as always) all good suggestions.

  10. I've never used any of that Walmart stuff and other oral acne products but I know some friends who have. None of the products really did much for them especially on the shoulder back acne. The oral seemed like a good idea as topical administration on the back shoulders can be a pain. I personally have used differin and it caused a lot of redness and didn't help on my back acne cuz the shirt would irritate the pores. Actually it made it worse. A 5% benzoil peroxide solution works pretty well. I've never tried Tretinion cream cuz the dermotologist won't prescribe it. I wouldn't bother with OTC stuff but I don't know if prescription meds can be sold as research chems. If so I'd like to try some Tretinion cream so if anyone knows where I can get some let me know.

  11. I ran across a site just yesterday that sells isotret as a research liquid, but I didn't see tret cream. However, I get spam all the time from these 'lifestyle' drug sites, like the ones that sell diet pills, and they all sell tret cream. It's easy to find, but I'm not sure I can give the sources. I think I can but I'm not for sure these days. But it's common places, you could track it in just a few wide searches. They are all over the net, but just that one place selling the isotret.


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