Can someone run this stack before I do?!

  1. Can someone run this stack before I do?!

    I've been using Purus Labs D-Pol and I can honestly say it works for me. However, I wanna see someone run this:

    PES Anabeta
    PES Erase Pro
    Purus Labs D-Pol / or any properly dosed DAA product.
    Any Logs online anyone?

  2. im running anabeta/erase pro right soon as i get my lit-up in the mail, DAA will be in the mix
    the anabeta and erase pro are already kicking so much ass i really doubt the DAA will have any noticeable effects

  3. I'm starting tomorrow Anabeta, Erase, Endosurge and Recourse which is a DAA product

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jonbero View Post
    I'm starting tomorrow Anabeta, Erase, Endosurge and Recourse which is a DAA product
    Serious stack, good stuff man.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  5. I've run SNS DAA + PES Erase, and been very happy with it. Although I have no interest in running Anabeta, so I can't comment in that department.
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  6. I'd honestly just run Erase Pro by itself so you know how it works for you. I haven't used mine yet but I'm not gonna stack it till I try it once and see how it treats me on its own.

  7. this is a very common stack, and one that i suggest to many people while bulking
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  8. Ive ran Anabeta, Erase and Formula X a month back and it was crazy good. good gains all around and even leaned up some.

  9. DAA+erase+anabeta, this is the stack I look to most with the most consistency.

  10. Anybody have a link to a review or a log?

  11. took all of 2 seconds to find..and theres many more. the search function is your friend

    DAA + Erase + Anabeta Log

    AnaBeta, Erase & DAA 8 week log by AtomicFox (unsponsored)

    no erase pro, but use use your imagination..


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