1. quick-6-bromo-question

    hi guys, i apologize for any mistakes (i dont speak eng well..)..

    may i ask you an info about the 6-bromo products...?

    i have already took some 6-bromo in the past and i liked it, and id like to use it again, but im still a bit confused about its potential androgenic activity...is it really androgenic...? i know it can stimulates LH so the test level encreases...but i also heard about the tug of war it causes in the brain..an isomer may convert in bromo-test and suppress the LH while the other stimulates LH and test...

    if it works like that and the "stimulating" effect is dominant, would it (6-bromo) be unhealty and dangerous in some way...?

    have we some evidence about how the 6-bomo really works...?


  2. I think its fine, i havnt seen any bloodwork showing its suppressive but ive seen a lot of ppl using it in their pct and they ended up fine.

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