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    I'm currently deployed, darted working out about a month ago after about a year off due to injury a lack of motivation. My dmz extreme should be here soon, the past month I've just been taking jack3d and hydro builder. Worked really well I've gained 9lbs in muscle the past month. What would go well with the dmz. Also what shouldn't I take or do while on it. I already have milk thistle in the way with it

  2. Buddy I gotta say if you have only been working out for a month after that long off I wouldn't jump on a steroid cycle. Get your self on par naturally first. Use staples like test boosters pre workouts creatine vitamins and such and food food and lift. You are going to be making gains in size and strength anyways. I also wouldn't cycle while deployed not knowing what I was doing already. Wait till you get back to the rear.
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