napalm mini gun pre workout?

  1. napalm mini gun pre workout?

    hey guys.... so I'm thinking for my next pre workout I am going to try (napalm mini gun by muscle warfare)....anyone tried it or have any reviews on it? it's looks decent but what looks to good to be true normally is


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural
    I am not too much of a fan of muscle warfare. what about it intrigued you? because it's new or specific ingredients in the product?
    there are quite a few products out there that are effective in the pre-workout category.
    the baa and the daa grabbed my attention

  3. Quote Originally Posted by the gym rat View Post
    the baa and the daa grabbed my attention
    Quite a few products out there that have these ingredients.
    not sure what the baa is? maybe beta alanine?
    for daa, i'd roll with a simple powder, it seems most enjoy the e-pharm version as it's straight up DAA with add's for absorption.
    AX also makes a few products that contain daa, I would look into the powerpacks, click here to check out the price on nutraplanet.

  4. Hi you would not be disappointed with trying the new Napalm mini gun, probably my favourite pre workout out there, it is athlete approved as well so you know its a safe use.

    If you have tried the original craze it is very similar to that with the tunnel vision and focus but also provides some good pumps. I was really impressed that the 1,3 dim free version is actually better in my eyes.



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