Advice/Rate my stack

  1. Advice/Rate my stack

    19 year old, 5ft 7, 73kg Rugby player
    Looking to get to around 80kg in about 2-3 months. Also amateur Triathlete, tend to run semi regular, 16.4 on 25m bleep test. But main focus is to gain mass.

    Currently taking:
    Usplabs Jack3d pre work out
    Optimum Nutrition- Serious Mass
    All American EFX 933- Kre Alkalyn (2 tablets after workout with apple/grape juice)

    3-4 Workouts per week, pretty solid programme, lots of squats, cleans, push press, deadlifts, bench, wide arm pull.

    Bench 80kg
    Squat 105kg
    Push press 60kg
    Deadlift 80kg
    Power clean 60kg

    After any advice on nutrition/programme and general tips much appreciated.

  2. I'd scrap it all and start from scratch...

    Protein: Trutein, XF, XF2.0, Golden Gains/Gold Feast (if you need a gainer, better to make one with a high calorie protein+oats, PB, etc.)
    Pre-Workout: There are SO much better choices than Jack3d. Look into Craze, Rage, LITup, White Flood, Fierce/Launch, BCS Labs Phenom Amped
    Creatine: Kre-Alk is a waste of money, if you need additional creatine on top of whatever is in the PWO, invest in a cheap, proven, creapure (AllMax, Optimum), or a worthy designer creatine like cbol

    I'd also recommend a fish oil and a multivitamin, for a solid health foundation....for nutrition tips, spend some times in the nutrition forums here and other places.

    This is a good staple stack, despite your goals. If your trying to bulk/gain, eat, eat, eat.

  3. Please don't double-post: Advice/stack rating

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