can l-tyrosine be taken with e/c stack?

  1. can l-tyrosine be taken with e/c stack?

    I am currently taking an e/c stack preworkout for energy purposes since I workout in the mornings and have finished my prohormone cycle. I want to keep my workout intensity up now that I no longer have any prohormones in my system and am currently running novla pct. Is adding l-tyrosine going to negatively affect the e/c stack? I heard that l-tyrosine gives more mental focus so I wanted to add it to the stack if it will not affect me negatively.

  2. I believe l-tyrosine actually increases the e/c stack so that should be fine.

  3. i always have 500mg of l-tryrosine with any ECA. Ripped Fuel was my favorite or Stacker2.

    i found it increased the length of the ECA effects, helped with the anxiety i sometimes get from ECA use & also i found the crash wasn't so bad when the effect started to wear off.


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