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  1. horse weightgainer

    hi, i know this might sound stupid, but i happen to have a friend who is taking horse weightgainer and is trying to get me to take it. im pretty sure im gonna stick to regular human supps, cuz it just doesnt seem like the human digestive tract will have all the right enzymes to produce gains from it the same way horses do. plus, when he showed it to me, its appeared to just be mashed up grains, and i dont see how there could be enough protein in it for a human to gain much muscle mass, i could picture gaining fat from all the carbs, but i just cant picture gaining any muscle off of it. if any of u guys know anything about it, like effects on humans, or ingredients, i would appreciate it if u shared them. thanks

  2. Umm.....I think in horse feed, wild animal feed and barn yard animal feed in general all the macronnutrients are crude. Like crude protein, etc. Thats not what you want at all. Surprised hes not getting sick....

  3. yeah thats basically what i figured, plus the fact that horses and other farm animals get there nutrients from plant sources, so they obviously have different digestive enzymes than humans. hes only been on it for a few days, so i wouldnt be surprised if he gets sick.

  4. this reaks of a Darwin award...

  5. Actually he would be in the running for a Runner up.. Darwins are awarded posthumously... because of the spectacular way that the individual takes himself/herself out of the gene pool.

  6. ... horse feed huh... swell

  7. How is your friend doing?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    How is your friend doing?
    Lol....I'm curious how you came across this 9 year old thread.
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  11. Sub'd

  12. Wow, that weight gain was not good for the horse . . . now he's got a sumo on his back!
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  13. Horses can get tren-rage too

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  15. The weight gainer must really work.

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  16. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    The weight gainer must really work.

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    CONGRATS, you finally found something that works!
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