Holy Shizz...Yellow Gold...

  1. Holy Shizz...Yellow Gold...

    So I picked up some Yellow Gold during the nutra new year's sale because I wanted to give it a try and damn...this stuff tastes terrible. Now I knew that it wasn't gonna taste too good from reading up on it, but damn...I really underestimated it. I can't find any way to cover the taste. It literally consumes all other tastes lol. This is on par with the terrible taste of Ostarine. Anyway, have any of you found any way to kill the taste? I'm gonna man up regardless, but some recipes could help haha

  2. parachute it.

    there's absolutely no sense in tasting that shiz

  3. cap it.

  4. Cap or parachute. I've tried everything imaginable to mask the taste..
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    I never used Yellow Gold, but OSTA doesn't taste that bad .
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by carpee View Post
    parachute it.

    there's absolutely no sense in tasting that shiz
    Agreed.. capping is to damn annoying.
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