dads arthritis

  1. dads arthritis

    what is the best for arthritis....
    super cissus?
    high dose glucosamine and chondritin...?
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  2. High dose g/c seems to have me running to the bathroom with a doozy in the two'zy lol.
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  3. 6 caps of Super Cissus RX saved my tendon pain. Literally was considering stopping working out all together at 23. Now i feel great. Not sure how it would work for arthritis though. Where is his pain, if its localized to one or two bodyparts.. look up joint force.
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  4. its his hip so amybe I'll look into joint force. i know i have loved GLC 2000 i tried to suggest it to him
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  5. Cissus is a worthy staple. Look into Zyflamend by New Chapter...kinda expensive, but has good reviews. My mom swears by it.



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