Sann Turbo V-12

  1. Sann Turbo V-12

    I just got this stuff today,I never used an Nitric oxide supplement..I did a search but not much info,how does this compare to the No2 version with physer for $80 is the same,any help would be appreciated,oh and what should I expect..

  2. I love it, esp for PCT or off cycle

    I think it's reasonably priced and has some of the most desireable ingredients for a volumizer out there. I usually get great "pumps" at the gym, I do the typical dose of two scoops on workout days, one otherwise. You have chosen.....wisely

  3. I'm having pretty good luck with NO-Xplode. It's a NO/hemodialator with stimulants added to it. Getting a decent pump and strength is increasing nicely. Hopefully Custom will underprice all of these options.

  4. Its good stuff! For me its way better than NO2 or any creatine I've ever taken. Its actualy my favorite legal supplement.

  5. Good info,thanks guys looks like I made a wise choice..My only concern was the lasting pumps,if it had the certain ingredients to maintain the pump....Thanks again PS I got the grape flavor.pretty tangy....



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