8 week cycle plan.

  1. 8 week cycle plan.

    I am planning on stacking AndroMass with AndroBulk and taking the recommended PCT after. I will be taking amino acids, lifting 5 times a week, drinking alot of water, and maintaining a healthy diet. Any suggestions as far as other supplements to be taking along with this or anything else i should be doing?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. I would suggest taking the 40% discount along with the bulk/mass......taking care of your cycle, liver, heart and PCT is one thing....but don't forget to take care of your wallet.

  3. 40% discount?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by marshall1 View Post
    40% discount?
    on the PP site you type in NEWYEAR40 for the coupon code and get 40% off your order on androseries products.....well that is until the calendar switches to 2012....so you have to hurry up.....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by marshall1 View Post
    No problem. It pays to read all the threads about whatever company you are going to buy from (in here and in their company section) to find out about any upcoming sales. Also good to be on the AM and company email newsletters.....that is if you ever check your email and read the stuff (some ignore it all) lol.

  6. Ya I'll do that


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