Liver protection and SAM-e ?

  1. Question Liver protection and SAM-e ?

    Has anyone used SAM-e for liver health? Maybe during or post cycle ph/ps/aas?

    I noticed the following in Men's Health 9/04 (take that for what it's worth):

    Dr. Lu also knows that popping SAM-e - a supplement that converts gluathione in the liver - can bring your GSH levels back to normal. In Europe, where SAM-e is actually prescribed for liver disease, the standard dosage is 1.2g or about three tablets per day. "If you're a drinking man, you should also be taking folic acid and a B-vitamin complex, because they're essential in the formation of SAM-e and glutathione"

  2. I posted a long study about this a month ago...not sure what thread it was. Search for Sam-e, though, you'll find it.

  3. Great supp for depression at least but too expensive.

  4. Sorry. I did a search already but will try again.

  5. Yes, good for depression, liver protection, joint pain, and overall good antioxidant...but as bioman said, too expensive.



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