1. Craze

    I think I am physically addicted to this stuff. It is to me, IMO, the best pre-workout/mood enhancer ever, except for maybe the euphoric feeling from SX.

    My question is, is it okay to take a scoop in the morning instead of coffee or other energy drinks as well as pre-workout, or is that too much?

  2. I would think robboe would be best to answer this, but in general, it is ok but you would build tolerance to the stuff after a while.

  3. I've been very impressed at what it does even at half a scoop, so when I'm replacing an energy drink, I go half scoop. Lasts longer, less tolerance build up and less over kill. Try at a low dose and see what works for you.

  4. You'll get best bang for your buck if you save it for pre-workout only.
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