forma stanzol-anabeta and elbows

  1. forma stanzol-anabeta and elbows

    Im on my 3rd week with anabeta and on 5th day with forma stanzol. Dosing Anabeta 1/1/1/1 per day and forma stanzol 7-10 pumps AM and 7-10 pumps PM. Now my elbows are hurting alot.. Should I decrease something? I have added forged joint repair from mrsupps but it hasnt helped.

    anyone with any advice?


  2. cut down on the forma dose. anabeta shouldn't be affecting your joints, but lowering estrogen can affect joints IIRC

  3. AI's tend to cause dry joints occasionally, it's one of their documented side effects. It's definately the forma stanzol, I'd halve the dose, give it a couple days and see how that works out for you. Then, if you want, you can slowly work up to maybe 3/4ths of what you're running now. The anabeta you can continue taking normally.

  4. Will try that, thanks

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