Advice for a newb?

  1. Advice for a newb?

    Hey guys, I've recently lost 110 pounds the hard way. No sups, all diet and exercise. I used to be extremely obese (318 pounds) and lost down to 208 in a little under a year. I've since gotten into weightlifting and now lift on a five day split. My cardio and diet are on point, however i'm still pairing away at this last little bit of fat stored around my midsection, i'm noticing big gains everywhere else (chest, shoulders, legs, etc.) I am proud of my accomplishment and want to do what I can to maximize my body's potential. I'm 31, 6'2 and weigh 208. I've never taken any lifting sups other than protein, pre workout, and BCAA. I was thinking of trying a pro test stack cycle for a month or two. I was looking at possibly d-pol + erase. My diet and cardio remain on point. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

  2. low-rep high weight squats and deadlifts in your training regimen? HIIT training? your doing sprints?

  3. Squatting 425, deadlifting 225. I do a HITT training program on my gym's elliptical. (It has a HITT program built in used to alternate between cardio using hands only, legs only, reverse, etc.) Only weak point in my lifting right now is chest, which I am working on.

  4. just saw what D-Pol is. im not a big fan of Nitrates..

    Ill take

    Bulk DAA + VidaTest + ERASE + L-carnitine ...

    add in some raw brazil nuts, 3 a day for the selenium
    add in Curcumin
    add in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    add in Braggs Apple Cidar Vinegar

  5. Dr. Houser was recently asked on his FB page what he thought were the top 10 "must haves" - here was his response...

    Joe Mista: "Hey Dana as a whole what are your top 10 (or more) favorite vitamins, minerals, etc...?"

    Dr. Houser: "I thought of the first 10 things that would come to mind and this is the "off-the-top-of-my-head can't be without Top 10." There are only a couple true ergogenic aids I might include in this group / more stuff here is probably "essential" ...elements":

    10. Selenium (if male, this is the equivalent to folic acid for females; but imperative for thyroid functioning and proper metabolism...quintessential and often overlooked);

    9. Creatine (MCC or Creatine Orotate preferred);

    8. Curcumin (anti-inflammatory/pro-testosterone, can be found in every guy's cupboard I hope...understand bioavailability is poor, so take more of it!!!!);

    7. Magnesium (100s of enzymatic processes in the body);

    6. L-carnitine (all forms, but LOVE LCLT/PLC/ALCAR combo);

    5. Leucine (NOT all BCAAs; leucine alone is overlooked and the only sole ketogenic BCAA);

    4. Beta-alanine (has supplanted creatine as the true necessity when it comes to anti-oxidant prowess and ergogenic value...its unmatched);

    3. CoQ10 (multi-function strikes again - can change type I muscle fibers to type IIs; can protect the heart; act as an antioxidant, etc...);

    2. Vitamins C and D (Vit C at 500 mg with EVERY meal through the day; even eating is an oxidative process. NO MORE than 500mg so abort pills that contain 1000 mg or whatever...they actually turn PRO-oxidant. Also, Vit C is vital at promoting collagen resynthesis. Vitamin D. What can I say? Actually, what can I not?);

    1. B Complex (not flashy and can be taken with Vit C at all meals, but given its multitude of functions and co-factor offering, I wouldn't dream of going without it)."

    I am curious what your Top 10 lists might look like?


    your taking Vitamin D and Zinc/Magnesium/Calcium ?

  6. FYI, If you have high cholesterol I would steer away from ERase and/or if you have a slow thyroid I would steer away from L-carnitine

    Just a Head's Up.

    Congrats on the weight loss

  7. Thank you sir for all the info! I'll take it all into account. My cholesterol and thyroid functioning are all fine. I was just lazy/depressed for several years. I'm glad to be back on the right track now.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by sfdeadhead View Post
    Thank you sir for all the info! I'll take it all into account. My cholesterol and thyroid functioning are all fine. I was just lazy/depressed for several years. I'm glad to be back on the right track now.
    No problem, just looking out cause at the end of the day your health is most important, u know?

    VidaTest is a awesome test booster and best priced, if you decide to take it you dont need to take Zinc or Vitamin D, heads up again.

    you cant go wrong with Titanium XL either, its awesome as well and TestoPro.

    Athletix Titanium XL + Athletix Formula X + ERASE would be great

  9. bumpppp

  10. Do you have any idea what your BF is?


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