I just Put LIT-UP to the test just now..

  1. I just Put LIT-UP to the test just now..

    & Gotta say im impressed.

    i took 1 scoop of LITUP & went for a 2 mile run during my lunch break that includes going over a bridge and I cut my time off a little over 2 minutes compared to when I dont take anything.

    I didnt expect much from LIT-UP, **** im a known "hater" on here

    but gotta say this **** worked for me.

    its not that it gave me more "stamina" but more motivation and eagerness to keep pushing, which is something I need when I run.

    I took 1 scoop and im planning on taking the other scoop with Cit Mal and Taurine later today when I hit legs

    I gave App Nut a hard time bout LIT UP a week ago, my fault

  2. yo get me a sample of the peach tea flavor,

  3. Lit Up is the real deal
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

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