AAS in Thailand

  1. Question AAS in Thailand

    Hey Guys,
    I'm a newb here - This site is awesome, some very knowledgable people, so I thought I joined (to get some ed-u-cation).

    So I am quite new to the world of AAS. I am heading to Thai-land for a 4 week holiday and wanted to do a cycle over there (cause its legal).

    I wanted to ask a couple of questions:

    a. is Anavar a fairly safe aas?

    b. what are the side effects of Anavar? Should I take an anti-gyneco? (if so which one?)

    c. Where in Thai-land/Ban-kok is the best place to buy?

    d. What manufacturer's should I look for? Which should I avoid?

    Thanks heaps!


  2. You need to do research....
    But first and foremost, what are your goals, stats, diet, and regime?
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  3. hey man thanks for the reply.
    my goals are:
    a. Increase Lean Muscle Mass by 2kg by end of Feb
    b. Have 8% BF - about 13% now
    c. Increase arms from 13.5" to 15" - possibly unrealistic...
    d. Increase Quads by 1"

    I am doing abit of Cardio, currently taking USP Powerful (its great) and Jackd3d.

  4. Ok...
    1. Work out caloric intake... Usually 12.5x lean body mass (weight less fat mass) x by activity factor depending on how active you are. (look up a calculator online)
    2. Eat at least 1-1.5 g protein per /lb bodyweight. Lean protein sources at all times
    3.strategically time carbs to optimize nutrient partitioning. Eat slightly over maintenance to gain mass. Slow is best to avoid fat gain.
    4. Eat only unprocessed foods. I do paleo but you may be fine with oatmeal, yams, quinoa, wild rice etc
    5.add in healthy fats to meet caloric intake
    6.look into a quality whey protein, creatine, multi, fish oil.
    7. Train hard, sleep to recover
    8. Then look into Supps if you hit a plateau...Anabeta + erase + DAA+ LCLT is damn potent
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