Getting ready for Havoc/please help

  1. Getting ready for a Havoc run!
    Here's what I have on hand.

    1 bottle of cycle support
    1 bottle of the original RPN Havoc.
    2 bottles of T-Bol
    2 bottles of bio forge
    60 tamoxifen tabs
    60 clomid tabs

    I've seen so many different ways to set this up. I have done cycles before. However, I've never done havoc. I am 5'10" and 165 lbs. my goal is to lean gain. My diet will consist of clean foods about 300-500 cals over maintenance. Any ideas on what the best way is to set this up with my current supps? I am currently taking a PRE and SizeOn.

    Is there a non-methyl option that would serve a great stack?

    I just don't know which way to go with this, I've been recommended to get more havoc and run it longer, other people say "no way"! confused

  2. Wrong section..

    You'll get more help here..

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