Hghup on empty stomach

  1. Hghup on empty stomach

    HghUp on an empty stomach directions state to take it on an empty stomach does this include no fluids ie tea coffee and protein shakes including casein protein I like to take before bed?

  2. I have never taking high pro but I would say drink shake two or three hours before then have hgh right before or however directed.

  3. its suggested to stay away from carbs with the dosage but i understand that its hard. just space it out as much as you can. drink your shake then have water and the caps at bedside then when you are really tired just take the HGHup
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  4. carbs are hgh's enemy,

    take you hgh product with zero carbs, so last carb should of been 3-4 hrs prior. I like to take mine with amino acids.

    i'll make a amino shake, take the caps/pills or w/e, then make sure I have some amino drink left over, incase I get up to go tinkle, then I sip some before i go back ni night, or if i sleep all night, i have some aminos to get in me right away first thing in the am.

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