P5p ban

  1. P5p ban

    Whatever happened to the p5p ban? Years ago I read about pharmaceutical companies and the FDA working together to take coenzymes like p5p off the market so they could capitalize off of them. I know u can get prescription p5p methyl b12 and methyl folate but I am still able to buy p5p as a supplement... Anyone have some info for me?

  2. A quick google search showed me 37 places to buy Now Foods P5P, as well as a couple of other brands of it. I'm not familiar with what it is, but it seems to be readily available.

  3. Just be glad they didn't ban it! Although I stocked up back in the day just to be on the safe side
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  4. it isn't banned.

  5. I remember when everyone though it was going to get banned...i myself went out and bought the last 3 P5P at CVS at the time. They were selling it like crazy!
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b
    it isn't banned.
    I know it's not banned but everyone thought it was going to be. Just wondering what was up cuz the pharm companies have patented some of those coenzyme b vits lol

  7. The Alliance for Natural Health helped to fight off the ban and the FDA. They are a group worthy of our support IMO. They are constantly monitoring the FDA for illegal actions like banning nutrients so Big Pharma can profit from them.

  8. IDK but I just ordered some, gonna give it a try for the first time. I've had it in coenzyme b-complex blends but never by itself.
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