how to take clenbuterol

  1. how to take clenbuterol

    I need detailed info on how to take clenbuterol HCL. or a site of where to take it. Thankyou

  2. Put it in your hynee!

  3. i dont know what your experience is but hopefully you have done your research on clen, as far as how much to take, how often, and how long. just sayin this because if you dont know how to take it it doesnt sound like you know much about it

  4. I see that you are new to the board, so I will point you in the right direction. If you look at the top right-hand side of the site you will see a search button. Please type in CLEN, and you will have plenty of information on the subject.

  5. make sure you read up before you go looking for a site injection, the clen you have may be the new orallly administrated type that you just measure out and squirt into your mouth ... if this is the case you CAN'T inject it.

    And just as ryan says the board has a multitude of information on just about anything so read up!

    - RAGE vs ROIDS



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