BSN Betalin-7-ec

  1. BSN Betalin-7-ec

    Long story short, my roommate decided to quit taking all of his supps (other than multi and protein), and gave me some half-used bottles. One is Betalin, and I know most people think it's junk, but there are about 40 caps left in the bottle. I'm not gonna start buying it (way too much $$$), but I'd like some opinions. Should I trash it because only 40 would be ineffective anyway (9-12 caps per day is recommended), should I take it with my pwo shake (protein and fast carbs), or would this be even more useless because of the insulin response I'm already receiving from the carbs (this is my only time of day to consume simple sugars), or should I take them w/breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all complex carbs, efa's, protein). Sorry for the novel, I wanted to be detailed, and thanks for any opinions.

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  3. Call BSN and ask them what to do for best results, I have talked to them before about Nitrix and 1testabolin and they were very helpful.

  4. Tell your roomate I said congrats!. I hate to see so many people waste money on supplements.

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