2years away from gym..back in pros please rate my stack

  1. 2years away from gym..back in pros please rate my stack

    31 cuban male (tough to stay away from cuban food)
    6'1 currently 205 down from 212-214.

    Typing on iphone sorry if i screw up but 19 days into doing a complete cold turkey on diet and back in gym i already feel better... When i started i looked if i extracted my belly like i was6mos pregnant. Can post day 1 and current pics if you all want to feel better about yourself. Anyhow try to keep it short im normally a big researcher but this time went on blindfaith of good bud that ha same excuses as me he was in med school away from home 3 years let himself go and nmow has a great transformation story. So far as i learnwhat im taking and him being a studious doc so far im on a pretty good path. Please rate

    Orange triad multi 1pill - twice a day (am/pm)
    Contoll labs-fish oil 1 pill- twice a day(am/pm)
    Twin lab cla 770mg 3 pills a day
    Liquid l carnitine 3grams in the am
    Oxyelite pro 2 pills- am first thing wait 30mins then other an stuff with protein shake then 1 pill 6 hours later as per instructions...

    Id like to add need2slin 1 pill 3x a day if safe (usp people say may not be safe may go hypoglycemia). This is my main question safe to add n2s?

    And then 4 weeks after last oxy start forged burner

    Working out 6 days a week following p90x and running a mile pre workout 3 times a week(i know i know but hey so far i like it its a good hiit program) i used to be a **** talker but old me in my prime probably wouldnt have finished any one of those routines as i was in and out no stretch just go heavy and was a half asser. This gives some atructure)

    2 protowey shakes a day
    2 protein only meals a day sometimes 3 and one clean carb meal a day with tons and tons of water throughout the day..phew thanks for reading

    Ps been working out off n on since 15 years old. I know, nothing comes easy or fast but all my life i was theskinny guy with the metabolism too fast for me to gain size. (ecto). Gone are rhe days where i can eat whatever but my diet truly has never been clearer or focus and want to get back to a 32 pant size with stomach definition as a goal.

  2. Nice posting bud.
    I say go right ahead with the need2slin. As long as you are eating around 30 grams of carbs 30 min. or so after each dose you should be fine. Hell, could even just make a preworkout shake with 30g carbs from waxy maize.
    If you don't take in carbs after dose, that's where you will begin to feel hypo. But in my experience, 30g being as low as I went, I never had a problem.
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  3. So 90g carbs even when cutting will help get me there? Wow. Thanks for the fast reply. How are other things im taking?

  4. also how long, should i wait to introduce forged burner after im done with oxyelitepro?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Infoe View Post
    So 90g carbs even when cutting will help get me there? Wow. Thanks for the fast reply. How are other things im taking?

    Your carbs being 90 or 500 will get you to where you want to be , GIVEN your daily activity will allocate such high demands for energy reserves. If you work on your feet all day, plus perform wt training plus cardio, plus have a naturally fastyer metabolic rate, you will definitely need more carbohydrates.

    If you work sedentary and do not train with super high intensity then of course having lower carbs would make more sense to reach you goals.

    If you are using a glucose disposal agent (n2slin??) --- then make sure you have carbs to "cover" the dosage if not you may feel terrible. I used to use metformin while cutting and needed to eat 3o minutes after or I paid for it by feeling terrible...

    Metformin is an anti-diabetic drug for insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes) and I would not use it now a days, but need2slin looks good to me. I like gynema syvestre and NaR ALA looks great too..... Should help sensitize your insulin receptors and also keep blood glucose cleared and stable....


  6. Thanks make sense. Last two years i have been riding a desk job but sarting next month will be half day desk half day visitng clients. Not much more intensive at all but at least ill be standing moving around. And then evening run an workput with weights.

    I guess the other things im taking are ok as its not really any stimulants just basic vitamin stuff? Should i add anything im not currently taking like bcaa?


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