How to use test boosters?

  1. How to use test boosters?

    How should I use these test boosters? (natural)

    *Novadex XT
    *Viridex XT

  2. have you looked on the back of the label for dosing instructions?
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. Weeks 1-4 Viridex
    Weeks 3-6 Novedex

  4. Quote Originally Posted by babyface View Post
    How should I use these test boosters? (natural)

    *Novadex XT
    *Viridex XT
    What does the new novadex have in it now that ATD is gone?

    Never did like the andti-androgenic nature of ATD....

    Have you tried Soidum-d-aspartate????


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