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    I recently was viewing the Primordial Performance website and was looking at the Maximum Absorbed Protein. I noticed that the amount of protein per serving is only 10g. I know the site states that the absorbtion method makes the product more effective, but if someone is trying to consume 200-300g per day, 10g does not seem to be helping the cause much.

    My question is how much more effective is the predigested casien in MAP? Does the effectiveness offset the smaller total grams per serving? Lastly, is MAP really just a pre and post Amino acid supplement.


  2. Protein is protein. Get a brand that tastes good and you will be fine.

  3. i take both. i take MAP by PP and 100% whey protein by ON. i take MAP immediately post workout and again at bedtime. it shouldnt be your main source of protein (powder wise), but it is a nice addition if you can afford it
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  4. There is no issue with absorption of other protein powders, and thus no need to spend extra on this.

  5. I personally feel PeptpPro has its place/uses. You probably aren't going to want to use it as your sole source of protein

  6. If you get a chance grab Decembers issue of Muscle & Fitness. Great article on protein, really credible sources. It gives you a run down on whats good price, good quality, and what to look for as far as nutritional info. I would highly recommend reading it.

  7. Thanks for all the input. I will look up that article.

  8. No problem, if you do not get to it in 24 hours PM me. I have the issue at my gym, I can grab it and either scan it and send it to you, or give you a rundown of its information. Goodluck.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    There is no issue with absorption of other protein powders, and thus no need to spend extra on this.
    This needs to be repeated.

  10. The first time I heard "pre digested" I honestly thought it was a joke.

    Anyways as rhadam and cy said, it dont matter
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