Did MP's "Assault" change anything besides the label?

  1. Did MP's "Assault" change anything besides the label?

    Just saw an ad on the back of the new MD magazine for MP's "Assault," which I have used before and like very much.

    The label looks very different.

    Is that all that has changed?

  2. i dont know off the top of my head but it is different. if im not mistaken, its a Prop Blend and the amounts of each section are way different. i compared the two about 3 weeks ago at my local supplement shop.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. Dang!

    I hope they didn't change it too much, because I love the original.

  4. It is very different.

  5. No more suma root for one.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  6. yeah i only have the original at home. i would have to sit down and compare the two. just find the two labels online somewhere and compare the two. but yes, i know for a fact they are different
    Performax Labs Product Specialist



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