why ramp tri-max?

  1. why ramp tri-max?

    what is the logic behind ramping tri-max up and down, and not AAS? how is thyroid shutdown different from HPTA shutdown?

  2. Bump, I wonder the same thing myself. I see no need to ramp Triac, but I'm open to being proven wrong.

  3. ss: what were your final results from your tri-max cycle? how was rebound?

  4. I think it is necessary on the first cycle to asses tolerance, however, after that I really don't understand.

  5. Yeah, I would say after you know how you will react, no need to ramp up, just dive in.

  6. what about the ramp down?

  7. I understand ramping down, but yeah, why ramp up?

  8. Like it was said earlier...you should ramp up on your first cycle to see your tolerance to it and find out what your optimal dosage is...after that in future cycles I don't see why you would have to ramp up.

  9. I also agree that once you know your tolerance, ramping seems to become pointless (maybe ramping down, but I'm not sure I even think that is necessary).

  10. Ramping down here is like with Clen I assume. I would think that it isn't necessary for either Trimax or Clen personally.


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