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  1. prework supps

    I have been taking some preworkouts etc for while. I had stomach issues etc, how long does it take for stomach to get back to normal. Been off for a few weeks and still have some effects..espicially in morning. Bloated stomach. If i take creatine mono i gain 5 pounds of water weight in a few days easy. And it bloats my stomach badly. Should i give it a little more time?


  2. i would. creatine can do it alone sometimes. Ive switched from mono to di creatine malate due to bloating issues.

  3. Yea. Im still bloating after eating. Its been over week since i stopped. Weight and strength still up so
    Something tells me its still
    Inside me

  4. just take a pre workout that doesnt contain creatine
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  5. You can always just buy individual ingredients and create your own. Replace creatine mono with magnesium creating chelate, add some beta alanine, agmatine, caffeine caps, citrullene malate, BCAAs, and you got a great pre that you can alter as needed. Or get a pre-workout without creatine mono and add MCC. Look into Focus XT which has a good balance of nootropics.
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  6. making your own is really nice if you don't care about flavor.

  7. You mention you're having problems particularly in the mornings? Are you taking them on an empty or near empty stomach? Runs right through me if I make that mistake. With the bloating, In my experience, part of that can be attributed to trying to pound the pre-workout down too fast or using too much water.

  8. well i do drink alot of water. I usually never take on empty stomach. I just get gas pains when i wake up in the morning. About a week later I am still holding some water weight. I have to be. Weight still up and my stomach still feels bloated. I am going to stay off preworkouts for a while because seems they all upset my stomach. Hopefully that will help it out. BTW, how long does take some people to get the creatine and water weight out?


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