NAC vs Na-Rala

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    So i guess i should lay off the LCLT while on t3 huh?? (only taking 1500mgED)
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    Curious too. As I am getting ready to begin t3 along with currently used t4 to treat hypothyroidism. Would 2g LCLT be wise or not?
    lay off no. use no more then 2g in my opinion yes.

    if on t4, no ALA. if using t4 and T3 you can use ALA just becareful when you come off as the synthriod effects will be reduced from ALA

    Also i recommend a calcium supplement to keep thryroid in check.

    agouti is shown to raise rT3 and show low or low normal levels of t3 and t4 while TSH is somewhat "normal"
    posted this in the Lean Gains/ IF discussion log a couple minutes ago. for more studies on agouti and thyroid.

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    How much more potent an antioxidant is Na-Rala? Night and day?
    id use both
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    id use both
    What I do
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