Getting cut lean

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  2. On Friday 12/02

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gettinbigger View Post
    On Friday 12/02
    Could be a factor with the order management system.
    Not sure which system they use, but in most of them, you have to click to update the status.
    With the flood of orders from black friday and throughout the week, i'm sure it's more a matter of forgetting to click the order and submit it as "processing"
    best bet is to call NP though just to make sure the order wasn't missed.

  4. Ok I called an they just shipped it today. I should get it by Friday. So I guess I'll start my cycle on Monday this will help so much to avoid eating too much over Christmas break and dedicate to more cardio and p90x.

  5. Ok i will be reviewing this product and keep updating the first post.

  6. Updated first post


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