Best TOPICAL joint supp?

  1. Best TOPICAL joint supp?

    My elbow feels like it's hanging on by a thread most the time.

    I take every oral joint supp know to man kind (lol).

    What topical sports creams help with both the pain, inflammation (and "maybe" assist with repair although I don't see this as possibe).

    Preferably a non smelly one?
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  2. e-pharm joint force.
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  3. Skeletal balm is VERY solid. Emu oil, and smells good.

  4. another vote for e-pharm joint force

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MakaveliThaDon
    Skeletal balm is VERY solid. Emu oil, and smells good.
    X2. Skeletal balm has had many very happy customers!
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  6. This isn't even a contest for me Joint Force is my favorite by far.

  7. had shoulder problems for years, JointForce helped a lot, it gets my vote as well.


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