Super DMZ/HGHup/Free Test/Drive?

  1. Super DMZ/HGHup/Free Test/Drive?

    Hey guys, what do you think about this stack? Looking to gain some strength while leaning up a bit and getting back into serious training. I have been getting the itch to go full blast but just had surgery to have a tibial nail removed. I could see going without the Drive and perhaps even the Super DMZ...but definitely want to go big. I'm 31, have used ph's in the past and been training since 17yrs old. the moment and would like to drop to 190 while gaining strength. I do MMA (which is how I broke my leg in the first place lol) so I don't want to bulk...been there done that...fighting huge guys sucked. I have been looking around and don't see any issues with stacking all of the aforementioned products, with Nolva for pct.

    All in all I am looking to get back into shape in a major way, with goals being to recomp and maybe some added healing through hghup of my bone.

    Thoughts? I hope I put enough info in there for you guys to give me some feedback. Thanks guys!!!

  2. its pointless to take a PH and a test boosting stack at the same time. take one or the other. you can use those products DURING PCT (not as PCT) or even after PCT. if u wanna run a PH, take it then take a SERM for PCT followed by the take you want to take. in my experiences, Drive is most beneficial for people who want to see a performance benefit in cardio (sprinters, swimmers...etc)
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  3. I can't do the type of intense cardio I am used to at the moment as I can't bear weight yet, so I didn't want the Drive for endurance necessarily, but my TSH level was at 2.5 going in to the surgery which would be on the high side if you go by the new 3.0 scale and I saw the Drive can boost thyroid activity. If it's useless in that regard then of course I wouldn't mind saving 50 bucks When I can box or run again I see Drive becoming more useful.

    In regards to my goals and the supplements stated, could running Super-DMZ rx for 4 weeks, and then the HGHup/Free Test for 4 weeks, be a better game plan? Or run the HGHup the entire time and stagger the Free Test only?

  4. Are you aware what Super DMZ is?
    It's SD and DMZ stacked in one pill. Most people don't run SD alone for more then 3 weeks. If your just getting back I deff wouldn't go the Super DMZ route just yet. Get back into shape then thin about the PH. Doing a PH to get to normal is not a good idea. Your a fighter man so train your ass of to get back into the shape you used to be in then go PH.

  5. Thanks for the feedback...I would have to agree with you that going with Super-DMZ right from the get-go may be premature, so I may start with the HGHup/Free Test first for a month or so. My goals have changed as far as what I consider "in shape" though and I already know I'm not communicating that very well on here, sorry. I have been fighting since '02 and at the time I was a gym rat and just wanted to be huge...hey who doesn't right, I am just trying to stay strong but at a severely reduced body-weight compared to my past. So when I say I want to get back to normal I am really trying to convey that I want to achieve a new level of strength and muscularity for my body-weight. I am aware of what Super-DMZ is, I know it is a legit steroid and shouldn't be taken lightly...I hope that I am not giving the impression that I am a noob who is going to be popping pills and expecting miracles without understanding the consequences. After lifting and training in various capacities for the past 14 years I know my body...and I know that with my leg being jacked up for the next few months I have to rearrange my priorities. Oh well, I'll be the guy on crutches at the gym again lol.

  6. if you do HGHup/Free Test, i suggest taking two bottles of each for best results. many logs prove this as well
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  7. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla
    if you do HGHup/Free Test, i suggest taking two bottles of each for best results. many logs prove this as well
    this sounds like your best bet if you ask me

  9. Sweet, sounds like a plan then...any word on Black Friday deals?

    Skip the Drive until I can do cardio again?

  10. I am not sure about any AppNut black Friday deals. I am sure various websites that carry AppNut products will have deals. For AppNut, the 40% off coupon is ANrep40. receive 40% off your purchase plus free shipping
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  11. You rock, thank you!

  12. LOL no prob
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